Basking in the Sunshine: Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her Toned Limbs in a Stylish Black Swimsuit with Boyfriend Maxx Morando at Cabo San Lucas

Last year, there was some buzz going around about Miley Cyrus and Maxx Morando. They were seen together at the Gucci Love Parade fashion show, which sparked rumors about them being an item. Recently, they were spotted once again, this time in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, enjoying a sunny vacation together. Miley was looking great in her black one-piece swimsuit and even took the time to apply sunscreen on her hotel patio. It looks like things are still going strong between the two!

Looking amazing: She's been linked to the drummer since November, after they posed together at the Gucci Love Parade fashion show. And on Saturday, Miley Cyrus slipped on a black bathing suit for another day in the sun with musician Maxx Morando while on holiday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The latest scoop on Miley Cyrus revolves around her alleged beau, Maxx Morando, as they spend quality time in the beautiful beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The popstar flaunted her curves in a stunning black swimsuit with thin spaghetti straps and an alluring low-cut back. To complete her beach look, she added a blue bucket hat to protect her face from the scorching heat. Miley kept it simple and natural by sporting a sleek bun and going makeup-free. The “Wrecking Ball” singer was all set to enjoy her day under the sun with a bottle of sunscreen in hand. On the other hand, Maxx, who is a 23-year-old drummer, was seen having a lively conversation with Miley. He looked dashing in his white jeans, T-shirt tucked-in, and sunglasses. His messy hairstyle added a touch of effortless charm to his overall look. The couple has been rumored to be dating since November, where they posed together at the Gucci Love Parade fashion show.

Low key: Miley's boyfriend Maxx, who is a 23-year-old drummer, was seen joining her out of the hotel patio and chatting with the star

Miley Cyrus was seen hanging out with her drummer boyfriend, Maxx, in a casual setting on the hotel patio. The singer looked relaxed as she chatted with Maxx, who appeared to be enjoying the conversation. Several photos were taken of the encounter and can be viewed in the gallery above.

The 29-year-old actress/singer showcased her toned legs

The gallery comprises a grand total of 23 fascinating and captivating images.

in the classic one-piece swimwear

Let’s beef up the gallery with an additional 23 photos, shall we?

as she was seen applying sunblock on her hotel patio

With her versatile skills, the 29-year-old celebrity showcased her toned legs in a classic swimsuit as she applied sunscreen on her balcony. It was a breathtaking sight that left onlookers in awe.

Close: The musician wore white jeans and a T-shirt tucked in, adding sunglasses with his hair tousled and loose around him; he lounged on the ground next to the star as she she sipped her beverage

The celebrity had a laid-back appearance, donning white denim pants, a top that was neatly tucked in, and shades as they lounged on the floor beside another well-known individual who was enjoying a beverage. On the other hand, Miley Cyrus unwound at the perimeter of the veranda in her black bathing suit and a hat to protect herself from the sun’s rays.

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Adele has opened up about a scary incident that occurred backstage during her Las Vegas residency. Though Maxx was with her, he opted to relax on a nearby lounger while they chatted. Eventually, they both moved to the same chair as Adele sipped on an iced beverage. Just days before, Maxx and Miley were spotted in Mexico enjoying each other’s company. The two engaged in some public displays of affection, including Maxx touching Miley’s chest under her shirt and cuddling together on a lounge chair.

Pop of color: The gorgeous star added a bold pink scrunchie to complete her beach look

Sporting a vibrant splash of color, the gorgeous celeb added a bold pink scrunchie to her beach ensemble, completing the look with flair. Clicked in a collection of 23 snapshots, she exuded effortless elegance while basking in the sun and relishing the seaside wind.

Safety first: She was seen carrying a bottle of sunscreen in her hand as she prepped for another day of sunshine

As she prepared for another day in the great outdoors, she placed high importance on safety and made sure to have a bottle of sunscreen within reach.

Casual: Miley lounged in her black bathing suit by the edge of the patio with her hat on

Miley was spotted chilling by the patio, sporting her black bathing suit and a stylish hat. The gallery features photos of her in a laid-back atmosphere.

Good times: Maxx joined her as she sat there, but opted to sit on the nearby lounger as they chatted

Maxx came over to chat with her while she relaxed in her seat. Instead of sitting next to her, he chose to sit on the nearby lounger. The gallery had a total of 23 images that could be viewed at that moment.

In conversation: Maxx and Miley chatting outside while she enjoyed the sun and he stayed in the shade

Maxx and Miley engaged in an informal chat outdoors, with Miley relishing the heat of the sun while Maxx preferred to stay under a shaded area. As they conversed, they appreciated the stunning scenery that enveloped them.

The pretty blonde seen showcasing her fit form in the classic black one-piece

You can browse through a collection of 23 images in the gallery.

The star grabbed a towel outside after putting her sunblock on

This stunning blonde lady is showing off her fit body in a classic black swimsuit. Take a look at the collection of 23 captivating pictures.

Rock star: The beauty showcased her tattoos in the one-piece, opting to choose a black colored swimsuit

The famous personality proudly showcased her inked body art, donning a stylish swimsuit in the classic shade of black. Take a look at the stunning snapshots featured in the image gallery above!

Sunshine: Miley wore a hat over her platinum locks outside

Miley sported a chic hat to protect her blonde locks as she basked in the sun. Take a peek at the gallery for snapshots of her fashionable ensemble.

Miley seen on her holiday as she prepared herself for some sunshine

The exhibition on display features a myriad of 23 distinct pieces.

She rocked the look sans makeup, showcasing her natural beauty

Miley was seen having a great time during her vacation, soaking up the sun and enjoying her break. She was spotted with her beau Maxx, whom she was first seen getting cozy with in Nashville in July. In November, they attended the Gucci fashion show together, making their relationship public with a kiss and hug on the balcony of Miley’s hotel room in Miami. Maxx was also backstage at Miley’s New Year’s Eve party with Pete Davidson. Maxx is a skilled drummer who used to be part of The Regrettes from 2015 to 2018 and is currently playing with Lilly, a band based in Los Angeles.

Sweet: Before both moved to the lounger as she held on to an iced drink

Check out the adorable scene captured in the photo collection, featuring the couple lounging on a chair and enjoying a cold beverage. The gallery boasts 23 pictures showcasing this heartwarming moment.

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