Bloom like a rose! Angelina Jolie exudes sensuality in Guerlain’s latest fragrance ad

According to recent reports, Angelina Jolie may soon be experiencing the sweet aroma of success with her latest ad campaign for Guerlain’s new perfume, which is inspired by her. The actress has not appeared on screen since her role in By The Sea alongside her now ex-husband Brad Pitt. However, she has returned to the spotlight by helping to promote the fragrance.

Breathe in: Angelina Jolie stepped back in front of the lens to help launch a new perfume from Guerlain which is inspired by her

Angelina Jolie has collaborated with Guerlain to launch a new perfume, and the promotional video for the fragrance is more like a romantic short film. Titled “Notes of a Woman,” the one-minute-long clip features Angelina as the sultry protagonist who inspires a perfumer to create her signature scent. The video shows her walking around a French country home in a flowing white robe and enjoying the beauty of the landscape from an open window. It’s hard not to be captivated by the sensual atmosphere of the film as Angelina’s character runs her fingertips up her legs.

Extravagant: The fragrance company released what looked more like a romantic movie trailer than an advertisement on Monday to promote new scent Mon Guerlain 

In an attempt to promote their new fragrance Mon Guerlain, the fragrance company went all out with an advertisement that resembled a romantic movie trailer. This luxurious campaign was released just recently.

Saucy scent: In the minute long video called 'Notes Of A Woman' posted on Twitter, Angelina plays the sensual protagonist who inspires a fragrance maker to create her signature scent

The Twitter video titled ‘Notes Of A Woman’ features Angelina as the seductive main character who becomes the source of inspiration for a perfumer to craft her unique fragrance. The video lasts for around one minute and showcases the alluring aroma created for her.

Come on in: In the video, the director dramatically makes her way around a French country home in a flowing white robe as the wind blows the curtains around her

Step inside: The video showcases a French countryside residence where the director elegantly moves around in a white robe, while the breeze blows the curtains. A strikingly attractive fragrance expert follows her every step, and with each motion, he adds another scent. A flip of her hair necessitates a drop of sandalwood extracted from the Northern regions of Australia, and a turn down the hallway calls for a splash of Sambac Jasmine collected from Southern India’s Tamil Nadu. Walking through the garden feels like a dose of Carla Lavender grown in The Drôme Provencale located in the South of France. Lastly, a smile is replicated with a hint of Tahitian vanilla found in the wilds of Papua New Guinea. The trailer is quite bold as the star sheds her robe at one point and runs her hands across her tattooed body.

Intimate portrayal: The advert makes the viewer feel like they are the star's lover following her as she moves around the house

The advertisement creates a personal connection with the audience by making them feel as if they are intimately involved with the actress, watching her every move as she navigates through different rooms in the house.

Stunning smile: The 41-year-old wears very natural makeup for the campaign video

The campaign video showcases the 41-year-old’s gorgeous smile accentuated by her subtle and minimalistic makeup look.

Having a moment: Sitting and taking in the beauty of the landscape from an open window, the star sensuously runs her fingertips up her legs

Experiencing a serene moment: Relaxing by an open window, the celebrity admires the breathtaking scenery while running her fingers sensually along her legs. She takes a quick glance at herself in the mirror and flaunts her signature pout. Later, she changes into a stunning white off-the-shoulder dress and steps outside. Lost in her thoughts, she strolls through the vineyard, enjoying the earthy aromas that blend with her own scent.

Capturing her essence: With each movement, an impossibly hunky flagrance master adds another scent - a flick of her hair requires a drop of sandal wood from Northern Australia, a turn down the hallway equals a splash of Sambac Jasmine harvested from Southern India

Describing her aura: As she moves, a charming fragrance expert adds a new layer of scent – with every toss of her hair, a drop of sandalwood from the north of Australia is added, and as she turns down the corridor, a splash of Sambac Jasmine from the south of India is mixed in.

Just a drop: While a walk in the garden is akin to a dose of Carla Lavender cultivated in The Drôme provençale, South of France and, a smile is recreated with a hint of Tahitian vanilla - from the wilds of Papua New Guinea

A mere droplet is enough to transport you to a fragrant garden in the South of France where Carla Lavender blooms, or to the untamed wilderness of Papua New Guinea where just a hint of Tahitian vanilla can bring a smile to your face.

Iconic: Posting the video to social media, Guerlain heaped praise on their new muse

Guerlain shared a video on social media, showing admiration for their latest muse. The word “iconic” was used to describe the post.

Inked up: The trailer is quite saucy with the star dropping her robe at one point, before she pulls her hair back and runs her hands across her tattooed body

The sneak peek of the trailer is quite steamy as the main actress confidently showcases her inked body by dropping her robe and running her hands across her tattoos. The scene then shifts to a dark hallway where she seems lost in thought while wearing a black lace slip dress. As the music picks up, we see glimpses of her running through various parts of the luxurious estate before changing into a comfortable silk black pajama set. The actress appears to be in her element as she rehearses her lines while the camera captures her creative process.

Perfectly plumped: At one point the star fixes her locks in a mirror and,Angelina shows off her famous pout

Looking flawless and fabulous, the celebrity gazed into a mirror and took a moment to adjust her hair. As she did so, her iconic full lips were on display, showcasing their perfect plumpness.

The great outdoors: Changing looks, the star the slips on a white off-the-shoulder dress and heads outside

The beauty of nature offers a dynamic backdrop for fashion, as seen by the transformation of the white off-the-shoulder dress donned by the star who steps outside.

Deep thoughts: Angelina is then shown being reflective in a dark hallway wearing a black lace slip dress 

As we watch, Angelina ponders in a dimly-lit corridor, dressed in a sleek black lace slip gown. Her mind appears to be lost in deep contemplation.

Muse mosaic: As the music intensifies, there are flashes of the star running through different parts of the estate 

The Muse mosaic video showcases the star running through various parts of the estate as the music becomes more intense. The teaser concludes with the charming fragrance maker successfully creating the perfect scent for a woman. Angelina, who looks stunning in a lace gown and an elegant updo, applies the fragrance generously before stepping out of the house, smelling divine.

Casually chic:Feeling at ease, the actress reads over lines as the camera attempts to capture her process

Relaxed and effortlessly stylish, the actress calmly goes through her lines while the camera tries to capture her every move.

Found it: The teaser finally ends with the very good looking fragrance maker completing his own process to find the scent of a woman

Discovered: The teaser comes to a close as the incredibly attractive perfumer successfully finishes his own method of discovering the perfect fragrance for a woman.

More than a splash: Now bottled, Angelina more than liberally applies the scent as she prepares to leave the house

Angelina is using a generous amount of her favorite fragrance as she gets ready to step out of the house. The scent has now been bottled, and she seems to be enjoying it to the fullest.

Let's do this: Dressed in a lace gown with her hair swept up into an updo, the perfectly smelling star is ready to face the world

Let’s go for it: The stunning Angelina Jolie is all set to take on the world, dressed in a gorgeous lace gown and an elegant updo. Guerlain, the luxury brand that she represents, took to social media to shower praises on their new muse. The company proudly tweeted, “Guerlain’s new fragrance is a testament to the extraordinary, sincere, and authentic woman that Angelina Jolie is, our new icon.” Angelina, who started working on the project in December 2015, is now the face and muse of the brand’s fragrance. In a magnanimous gesture, she has announced that she will donate her entire earnings from the campaign to charity, making her not only a beauty icon but also a true philanthropist.

Smells sweet: The Oscar winning actress - who is the face and muse of the luxury brand's fragrance - first started working on the beauty project in December 2015

It’s delightful to know that the famous actress, who has won an Oscar, became the ambassador and inspiration for a high-end fragrance brand. The collaboration began in December 2015 as a part of her beauty venture.

Giving back: Following the release of the perfume, it was announced that Angelina will donate her entire earnings from the campaign to charity

Sharing the love: It was revealed that Angelina Jolie will be contributing all her earnings from the perfume campaign towards various charitable causes.

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