“Chris Martin’s Daring Performance at iHeartRadio Music Fest with Jennifer Lawrence as Spectator”

Chris Martin has a devoted new fan in Jennifer Lawrence, who attended his concert for the second time in three days. The actress traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to see him perform at the iHeartRadio Music Festival and even dressed up in a midriff-bearing outfit to catch his attention from the stage. Coldplay fans may need to make some room for Lawrence’s newfound admiration.

Supportive girlfriend:  Actress Jennifer Lawrence was spotted backstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Friday where rumoured boyfriend Chris Martin was performing

Actress Jennifer Lawrence was seen supporting her rumored boyfriend, Chris Martin, backstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. Despite her usual off-red carpet style, Lawrence chose to dress to impress in a cropped embellished top and tight high waisted black jeans. The Academy Award winner paired her outfit with strappy stilettos, a studded belt, and a unique gold panelled designer bag that resembled a fortune cookie. Her down-to-earth style sensibilities were still visible as she looked glamorous yet comfortable.

Wowing the crowd: Coldplay was a fan favourite at the MGM Grand Garden Arena

Impressing the audience: Coldplay was a beloved band among fans who attended their performance at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Ready to party: The 24-year-old made sure that her new boyfriend could spot her from stage in a sexy midriff bearing ensemble

All set to have a good time, the 24-year-old celebrity ensured that her new beau could easily spot her from the stage, donning a sizzling midriff-baring outfit. She wore her blonde tresses with one side tucked behind her ear and the other side curled, strutting backstage with determination, likely eager to witness the opening performance by Coldplay. However, Jennifer was not the only one vying for attention on Friday night. Despite the group’s predominantly mellow tunes, the 37-year-old lead singer performed as energetically as a female pop star, dancing around the stage. Taking a seat at the piano at one point, the ex-spouse of Gwyneth Paltrow threw himself backwards, resembling a ballerina.

Added extras: The star glammed up the look with a pair of strappy stilettos, studded belt and an unmissable gold panelled designer bag that seemed to take inspiration from a fortune cookie

The celebrity enhanced her outfit with a pair of elegant high-heeled shoes, a studded belt, and a distinctively designed handbag with gold panels, reminiscent of a fortune cookie. While Chris entertained the audience at MGM Grand, Jennifer was most likely impressed from backstage. Jennifer, who has recently developed an interest in music, attended Chris’s small concert at Los Angeles’ Ace Hotel on Wednesday. According to an anonymous source from E! News, the 24-year-old actress sang along with every song and had a sparkle in her eye as she watched Chris perform.

Impressive antics: At one stage, Chris sat at the piano but threw himself backwards, looking like a ballerina

Chris impressed the audience with his entertaining performance when he sat at the piano but suddenly threw himself backwards, resembling a graceful ballerina.

Looking for someone? During his set, the 37-year-old appeared to stare off into the wings of backstage

Are you searching for a particular person? At his performance, the 37-year-old artist seemed to be gazing offstage. Rumor has it that “she” couldn’t keep her eyes off him. The two individuals in question have been seen together on various occasions across California but have yet to be pictured side-by-side or holding hands. Chris and Jennifer were first linked in August, both having recently split from their previous partners. Chris was formerly married to Gwyneth Paltrow, while Jennifer had an on-and-off four-year relationship with actor Nicholas Hoult.

Dedicated: The Silver Linings Playbook star has become a very dedicated music lover of late as on Wednesday she watched Chris perform at an intimate gig at Los Angeles' Ace Hotel

Committed: Recently, the famous actress of Silver Linings Playbook has shown a lot of commitment towards her love for music. Just this Wednesday, she attended a cozy concert by Chris at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles.

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