“From Pale Pink Dress to Amy Schumer’s Inspiration: Selena Gomez’s Uplifting Message for Those Battling Depression”

At the 19th Annual Hollywood Film Awards in Beverly Hills on Sunday, Selena Gomez appeared stunning in a silky spaghetti strap gown. The young starlet, aged 23, looked absolutely breathtaking in a pale pink dress that accentuated her svelte figure while she was at The Beverly Hilton Hotel. She made a bold fashion statement with her low-cut frock, which highlighted her curves. During the award ceremony, Selena presented the Hollywood Comedy Award to her idol Amy Schumer. To catch a glimpse of her appearance, check out the video below.

Cool look: Gomez wowed in a silky spaghetti strap gown at the 19th Annual Hollywood Film Awards in Beverly Hills on Sunday

Selena Gomez turned heads at the 19th Annual Hollywood Film Awards in Beverly Hills over the weekend with her stunning white spaghetti strap gown. The dress featured a plunging c-shaped neckline that highlighted her cleavage and tanned skin. With two thin straps holding up the gown, it cascaded down to the floor, hiding her heels. The actress wore her signature black hair center parted and loose, with a slight curl at the ends. While Selena often sports long hair with extensions, her shorter hairstyle perfectly complemented the slinky white dress. For more updates on Selena Gomez, check out the latest news, pictures, and videos.

All smiles: The TV darling looked like a vision in pale pink, showing off her svelte figure while at the Beverly Hilton Hotel

Beaming with joy, the 23-year-old appeared stunning in a soft pink outfit that highlighted her slender physique, as she graced the premises of the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Brunette goddess: The actress' gown, held up by two thin straps, had a c-shaped neckline that dipped, revealing her bra-less cleavage and tanned skin

The lovely lady with brown hair looked stunning in her dress that was supported by two slender straps. The neckline of her gown was shaped like a C, and it went down low, showing off her sun-kissed skin and cleavage without the use of a bra.

Stunner: To complement the light-hued dress, Selena opted for shimmery pink lips, smokey cat eyes and contoured cheeks

Selena chose to enhance her light-colored dress with shimmery pink lips, smokey cat eyes, and defined cheekbones. She accessorized with a large sparkling ring, earrings, and nude painted nails. Taking the stage to present the Hollywood Comedy Award to Amy Schumer, Selena shared her admiration for the Trainwreck star, admitting that she talks about her frequently and even tweets her often. In a playful jab at Jennifer Lawrence, Selena joked that she was happy the actress wasn’t able to attend the event because she loves Amy.

Hugging it out: The singer, who presented the Comedy Award to Amy Schumer, displayed her curves in the low-cut frock

Giving a warm embrace: The artist, who handed over the Comedy Award to the hilarious Amy Schumer, flaunted her figure in a revealing gown with a plunging neckline.

 Force of nature: The former Disney star released her second solo album, Revival, on October 9

The ex-Disney celebrity dropped her sophomore solo album, Revival, on the 9th of October, showcasing her natural talent and prowess as a musician.

Happy day: With her lips puckered for the camera, the pop singer laid her head against the comedian's shoulder for a picture

A joyous moment was captured as the pop star leaned in for a photo, puckering her lips and resting her head on the comedian’s shoulder.

She went on to say that Amy had been a great source of inspiration for her, especially during times when she felt down and depressed. Selena shared that watching Amy’s performances and hearing her speak her mind with such confidence and humor made her feel like a “badass” too, even though she didn’t always feel that way about herself. She praised Amy for being able to say the things that she wished she could say and for never judging her for her personal choices. After presenting Amy with the award, Selena gave her a warm hug and the two posed for photos together, with Selena resting her head on Amy’s shoulder and making a silly face for the camera.

Multi-talented: She will also executive produce 13 Reasons Why, a Netflix miniseries, based on a young adult novel by Jay Asher

The lady is a jack of all trades! Not only is she involved in acting, but she’s also taking on the role of executive producer for the upcoming Netflix miniseries 13 Reasons Why. This show is based on a young adult book written by Jay Asher.

Big smile: The simple dress cascaded to the floor, hiding her heels beneath

Her grin was as wide as the ocean as she twirled in her flowing dress that gracefully fell to the ground, concealing her high heels beneath.

Golden girls: The Revival artist also posed with actress Amber Heard, who wore a gold draped frock and shimmery makeup

The Revival musician had a chance to take a photo with actress Amber Heard who looked stunning in a gold draped gown and shimmery makeup. Another photo captured the Texas-born singer flashing her smile with actress Alicia Vikander, who went for a black dress decorated with studs. On October 9th, Selena launched her second collection titled “Revival.” In addition to her music career, Selena will be serving as an executive producer for the Netflix series called “13 Reasons Why,” which is based on a novel by Jay Asher aimed at young adults.

Opposites hues: The Texas-born singer also smiled for the camera with actress Alicia Vikander, who opted to wear a black dress with studs

The Texan vocalist posed for a photo with actress Alicia Vikander, who decided to wear a studded black dress. The two women displayed contrasting shades in their outfits.

Pretty ladies: The stunner wore her signature black hair center parted and loose, with a slight curl at the ends; pictured with Alicia Vikander

Gorgeous women: The beauty donned her classic black hair styled with a center part and left flowing freely, featuring a gentle curl at the tips. She was captured in a photo alongside Alicia Vikander.

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