“Get Ready to Dance Forever: Selena Gomez’s Upcoming Single Set to be a Taylor Swift Collaboration”

During her “The Era Tour” concert in Mexico City, Taylor Swift expressed her admiration for Selena Gomez. The term “Taylena” quickly became a trending topic on social media after Swift shared an Instagram story featuring a clip from Gomez’s latest music video, “Single Soon,” along with her thoughts on the song. Gomez herself has described “Single Soon” as a fun track that she wrote a while back, perfect for the end of summer. In addition to this single, Gomez has also made guest appearances on several other songs since her last full-length album, “Rare,” was released in 2020, including Rauw Alejandro’s hit song “Calm Down.” Check out the music video for “Single Soon” below and join Swift in listening to it on repeat. Swift will be performing her third Era concert in Mexico City on Saturday night, followed by one more show on Sunday.

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