Here she goes again! Miley Cyrus rebels with yet another daring and provocative performance.

X 上的 Miley Cyrus España:「Hoy se cumplen 6 años del primer concierto de  Miley Cyrus en España. Rock in rio Madrid 2010, era Can't be tamed 🎤🎸」 / X
two days ago tomorrow: Miley Cyrus: Rock In Rio In Madrid
Miley Cyrus, más madura en el rock in Rio 2010A scantily clad Miley Cyrus grabs her breast on stage during the Rock in Rio festival in MadridGetting close: Miley fakes a romantic encounter with a male dancerNo more Hannah Montana: Miley appears determined to show she's nothing like her TV alter egoMiley Cyrus has released a new single titled “Can’t Be Tamed” and she’s living up to its name. Despite recent criticism, the former Hannah Montana star put on a provocative show at the Rock In Rio Festival in Spain over the weekend. At just 17 years old, it was hard to believe as she grabbed her breasts, embraced both female and male dancers, and showed off her figure in a revealing bodysuit.

Miley Cyrus, dressed in revealing attire, was seen grabbing her breast during her performance at the Rock in Rio festival in Madrid. This is just one of many on-stage antics that Miley has been using to shock audiences. Last week, she caused a stir by pretending to kiss a female dancer during her performance on the television show, Britain’s Got Talent. Perhaps Miley is hoping to gain some notoriety similar to Britney Spears and Madonna’s infamous on-stage smooch at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

Coming close: Miley had a romantic encounter with a male dancer, which she clarifies on her blog by telling fans that she didn’t actually kiss him. According to Miley, during her performance, she supposedly “kissed a girl,” causing controversy. She promises fans that she did not kiss the dancer and finds it ridiculous that two entertainers cannot have fun without the media making it into some kind of story.

Miley Cyrus is determined to prove that she is not like her TV alter ego Hannah Montana. In a recent statement, she expressed her hope that her fans are not disappointed in her because the truth is that she did nothing wrong. This comes weeks after a video of her “dirty dancing” with 45-year-old film producer Adam Shankman surfaced on the internet. The clip, originally posted by celebrity website before hitting YouTube, was filmed when Miley was just 16 years old and has since been removed.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley seems to have forgotten that her fans need to hear her speak into the microphone while screaming the lyrics.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

The outfit worn by Miley, who gained fame playing a double-life character as both an average teenage school girl named Miley Stewart and a famous pop singer named Hannah Montana, left little to the imagination. Her fan base mainly consists of girls aged six to eleven who loved the Disney series Hannah Montana. Miley has finished filming the show, although the fourth and final series will air this summer.


Looking fantastic: Miley flaunts her fit legs.

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