“London Lovin’ with Miley Cyrus: A Fashionista’s Guide to Rocking a Leather Mini Skirt and Thigh-High Boots, Plus Celeb Scoop on Her Stolen Guitars”

Just recently, it was disclosed that heartless robbers had taken away guitars worth a whopping $10,000 (£7,857) from Miley Cyrus’ storage unit after her Malibu home was destroyed in the wildfires. But the talented singer wasn’t going to let this unfortunate incident bring her down. Instead, she made an appearance in London on Thursday to promote her latest single, Nothing Breaks Like A Heart, dressed in a stunning outfit. The 26-year-old star caught everyone’s attention as she strutted out of her hotel room sporting a chic leather mini skirt and thigh-high boots.

Dressed to impress: Miley Cyrus she stepped out in a seriously chic ensemble to promote her new single, Nothing Breaks Like A Heart, in London on Thursday

Miley Cyrus made heads turn with her latest stylish outfit during her promotion of her new single, “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart,” in London last Thursday. The singer looked stunning in a tiny skirt that flaunted a stylish belt feature, accompanied by a snug turtleneck to keep her warm in the chilly British weather. Miley added a touch of luxury to her ensemble with a sporty Chanel barrel bag and wore her blonde hair straight around her well-known face, which was complemented by a natural makeup look. Unfortunately, the outing followed a heartbreaking incident where her storage unit in San Fernando Valley was reportedly broken into.

Sizzling: The Wrecking Ball hitmaker, 26, was bound to turn heads as she emerged from her hotel room in a mini leather skirt and thigh-high boots

The 26-year-old pop star, known for her hit song “Wrecking Ball,” made quite the entrance when she stepped out of her hotel room wearing a short leather skirt and boots that went up to her thighs. Her outfit was sure to catch people’s attention.

Short and sweet: The singer pulled out the stops in the tiny skirt that boasted a sexy belt feature, while a skintight turtleneck offered some added warmth in the chilly British weather

Concisely put, the songstress flaunted her curves in a mini skirt with a sultry belt detail and kept herself warm in the nippy British climate with a snug-fitting turtleneck. Unfortunately, in November, Miley Cyrus’s abode in Malibu was razed to the ground by the Woolsey wildfire, taking away all her possessions. As per TMZ, the singer’s storage unit was burgled last October when robbers stole guitars worth more than $10,000. Although it’s uncertain how these crooks managed to break-in, Miley initially assumed that a kinfolk had borrowed her pricey instruments. It wasn’t until Tuesday that she got wind of the theft.

Glam: Miley put an opulent spin on her style with a sporty Chanel barrel bag, while her blonde tresses were worn poker straight around her famous face

Miley added a touch of luxury to her fashion statement by pairing a sporty Chanel barrel bag with her look. Her blonde hair was sleek and straight, framing her well-known face.

High spirits: Miley was typically animated as she poked her tongue out while standing on a London street

High spirits: Miley was typically animated as she poked her tongue out while standing on a London street

Miley was in a cheerful mood and displayed her usual animated behavior by sticking her tongue out while standing on a street in London.

According to insiders, it’s believed that the theft from the storage unit happened in October. MailOnline has reached out to Miley Cyrus’ representative for a statement. This incident occurred while Miley has been speaking about her efforts to remain positive following the loss of her Malibu home due to a wildfire. During an interview on On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Miley revealed that she is currently in a good headspace for healing. She also shared that her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, has provided her with valuable guidance during this difficult time while she promotes her latest single, Nothing Breaks Like A Heart.

Down to earth: The singer also wrapped her arm around one devoted fan after he stopped her in the street for a snap

In a casual and friendly gesture, the vocalist also embraced a loyal supporter who approached her on the street for a photo opportunity.

Brave face: Her sighting came after it was revealed cruel thieves had stolen $10,000 (£7,857) worth of guitars from her storage unit after she lost her Malibu home to the wildfires

Amidst the news of the theft of her guitars worth $10,000 (£7,857) from her storage unit, which happened after she lost her Malibu home to a wildfire, Miley Cyrus put on a brave face. Sharing her father’s advice, she said that life is all about adjusting to the circumstances. She further explained that it takes a while for us to understand our parents’ lessons until we’ve experienced them ourselves. Miley believes that surviving a natural disaster can be a character-building experience, where people have to choose between being traumatized or growing from the experience. She added that it’s beyond anyone’s control to face a natural disaster, but one can learn from it and use it to grow personally. Being an active member of her community, Miley shared that this incident has been a big learning curve for her and helped her grow as a neighbor and not just as a celebrity figure.

The recent raid on Miley’s property came at a difficult time for the singer. She had been open about her efforts to stay optimistic, even in the aftermath of losing her Malibu home.

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