Miley Cyrus channels her inner trucker vibes atop a vintage Land Rover in casual T-Shirt and jeans

In a recent social media post, Miley Cyrus showcased her masculine appearance. The 28-year-old singer posed as a trucker, wearing a loose-fitting black t-shirt and ripped relaxed jeans. She shared a slideshow of photos on her Instagram account on Sunday, where she can be seen standing on top of an old blue truck. The caption of the series of pictures read, ‘Can you spot Satan?’

Transformation: Miley Cyrus transformed into a trucker while sporting a baggy black t-shirt and tattered relaxed fit jeans in a slideshow posted to her Instagram account on Sunday

Miley Cyrus decided to switch up her style by dressing as a trucker, donning a loose black t-shirt and distressed, comfortable jeans. She shared a series of photos on her Instagram account on Sunday, where she also showed off Lil Nas X’s controversial ‘Satan shoes’ that she was wearing. These shoes are made from Nike Air Max ’97 and were created in partnership with MSCHF. The pair reportedly feature a pentagram pendant, ‘Luke 10:18’ inscribed on the side, and even contain a drop of human blood along with 60cc ink. With only 666 pairs produced, these shoes that are not connected to Nike are selling for more than $1,000 a pair. To match the overall look, Miley topped it off with a black trucker cap.

Satan shoes: 'Can you see Satan?,' she captioned the series of snaps of her posing atop of a vintage blue truck clad in a pair of Lil Nas X's 'Satan shoes' on her feet

The woman shared pictures of herself standing on a vintage blue truck wearing Lil Nas X’s “Satan shoes” and captioned it with the question, “Can you see Satan?”

Trucker chic: Miley fittingly completed the masculine look with a black trucker cap. Her blonde locks could be seen poking out from her hat, while her bronzed arms were on full display amid the sunny Southern California weather

Miley Cyrus rocked a bold and edgy “trucker chic” style, completing the masculine look with a sleek black trucker cap. Her blonde locks were stylishly peeking out from the hat, complementing her bronzed arms that were on full display under the bright Southern California sun. The singer struck various poses to showcase her extensive tattoo collection on her body, and even donned cool shades for some of the shots, adding an extra rock and roll superstar vibe to her ensemble.

Shades of cool: She hit an array of poses to show off her 'trucker chic' look and her extensive display of tattoos on her body. Cyrus also threw on a pair of cool shades for some of the shots to look a like a true rock and roll superstar

Cool Vibes: With an effortless ease, she struck various poses to flaunt her ‘trucker chic’ style with an impressive collection of tattoos adorning her body. To add to her rock and roll persona, Cyrus donned a pair of trendy shades in some of the shots.

Bloody sneakers: The controversial sneakers reportedly feature a pentagram pendant, 'Luke 10:18' on the side, and contains 60cc ink and one drop of human blood

Pricey goods: Only 666 pairs of the footwear, which don't have any affiliation with Nike, were manufactured and are being sold for over $1,000 dollars a pair

The sneakers in question have caused quite a stir due to their controversial design. They allegedly showcase a pentagram pendant and include the text ‘Luke 10:18’ on the side. Additionally, they supposedly contain one drop of human blood and 60cc ink. Later on, Miley shared footage of herself rehearsing with her band. She sported the same comfortable outfit while energetically headbanging to their version of Lenny Kravitz’s American Woman. In another clip, the former Hannah Montana starlet entertained with a snippet of her 2009 hit Party In The USA.

Jamming out: Later in the day, Miley posted clips of her rocking out with a band in a rehearsal space. Clad in the same comfortable ensemble, she jammed to her band's rendition of Lenny Kravitz's 1999 hit American Woman

Rocking out: In the evening, Miley shared videos of herself jamming with her band at their rehearsal studio. She was dressed in the same comfy outfit and grooving to their cover of Lenny Kravitz’s classic song “American Woman.”

Rehearsal: In a second video, the Hannah Montana starlet sang a part of her 2009 hit Party In The USA

Nine Inch Nails: 'Who wants to hear some Nine Inch Nails instead,' she jokingly said midway through the track

During a practice session, the famous actress from Hannah Montana sang a portion of her popular song Party In The USA, as seen in a separate video.

Wild night! The rehearsal came a few days after she celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Disney Channel hit's premiere at the famed Rainbow Room in West Hollywood

Doing her own thing: During the event, Cyrus wore a shirt featuring an image of her portraying the character

What a crazy evening! Miley Cyrus had a rehearsal soon after commemorating the 15th anniversary of her Disney Channel show’s debut at the iconic Rainbow Room in West Hollywood. At the party, the songstress was spotted getting comfortable with musician Yungblud. The Angels Like You singer was seen downing shots and beers while getting close to the 23-year-old artist.

Getting cozy: Miley was seen getting cozy with 23-year-old musician Yungblud (seen on the far right) that night after he joined the star at her party

Miley Cyrus was spotted getting comfortable with Yungblud, a 23-year-old musician, at her party. The two were seen together that night, with Yungblud joining Miley at the event.

Just friends: But a source told People on Saturday that the duo are 'just friends' who were spending time with a group of pals

According to an insider who spoke to People, the two celebrities seen together are not romantically involved. They are simply friends hanging out with a group of people. During their time together, the singer was observed stroking Cyrus’ hair and even placing his legs on her lap while chatting. In response, the actress playfully nibbled on his finger before they moved to a corner of the party area. Despite these interactions, the source clarified that they were just having fun as friends.

Having a good time: At one point in the evening, the singer was seen knocking back multiple shots. She proceeded to chase her liquor with a beer

Enjoying the night: During the course of the evening, the vocalist was spotted downing a number of shots before washing them down with a cold beer.

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