Miley Cyrus Dazzles in Black Attire at Grammys, Performs Despite Liam Hemsworth’s Medical Emergency

During her appearance at the 2019 Grammys in Los Angeles, Miley Cyrus stunned the crowd with her high-fashion ensemble. The 26-year-old musician looked effortlessly chic and sophisticated as she walked the red carpet in a classic black tuxedo jacket without a bra, paired with sleek black trousers. Her luscious blonde locks were styled with loose waves while she accessorized with elegant silver earrings. Adding her personal touch, she completed her look with black and gold sandals featuring her initials. Miley’s appearance was a testament to her striking beauty and undeniable talent, which captivated the audience during her mesmerizing performance.

Superstar: Miley Cyrus, 26, looked amazing in high style as she stepped out at the 2019 Grammys in Los Angeles on Sunday, later taking the stage to perform

During Sunday’s 2019 Grammys in Los Angeles, Miley Cyrus made a striking appearance in a fashionable ensemble. Along with her parents, Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus, she arrived at the event and revealed to CBS that she was wearing Saint Laurent. Meanwhile, her father stayed true to his country roots in a black leather jacket, cowboy hat, and boots. Miley’s mother looked stunning in a silver dress with her blonde hair flowing freely. Although Liam Hemsworth, whom Miley recently married, couldn’t make it to the award show due to an undisclosed medical condition, Miley later performed a duet with Shawn Mendes, singing In My Blood.

Stunning: The polished entertainer wore a black suede vest with patterned pants as she took to the stage

Dressed in an elegant black suede vest that perfectly matched her fashionable patterned pants, the talented artist looked stunning as she took center stage.

Trademark: The beautiful entertainer flashed her tongue wag during entrances 

The talented artist showcased her signature tongue wag as she made her grand entrances, as seen in the captivating photos in the gallery above.

Fashionista: The songstress donned a black tuxedo jacket with no bra underneath, pairing it with black pants as she walked the red carpet at the music industry's biggest event of the year 

The trendy superstar donned an elegant black tuxedo blazer sans a brassiere, pairing it with sleek black trousers as she made her way down the coveted red carpet of the much-awaited music extravaganza.

Family fun: Miley was accompanied by her parents, Billy Ray Cyrus and mom Tish Cyrus

Accompanied by her parents, Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus had a delightful time with her family. Have a look at the 27-picture gallery to witness their exciting day out!

A step up: The pop star showed off her silver and black heels as she took to the red carpet 

With her impeccable silver and black heels, the celebrated vocalist left everyone awestruck as she walked down the red carpet. Her fashion style was definitely taken up a notch.

If lost ...: Miley's heels displayed her initials in the Olde English style 

The customized heels of Miley Cyrus got noticed because of the Olde English font used to display her initials. With such a unique design, there’s never going to be any confusion on whose shoes they belong to even if they get misplaced. Take a look at the gallery to see the details up close.

To the letter: The singer strode with confidence as she walked the red carpet 

The singer exuded an air of confidence and poise as she made her way down the red carpet, leaving onlookers in awe of her magnetic presence. Her self-assurance was palpable with every step she took, making a statement with her commanding demeanor. The photographer captured the moment beautifully, showcasing the singer’s undeniable star quality in a series of stunning photographs. Overall, her grand entrance was truly admirable and left a lasting impression on all who witnessed it.

Focused: The Franklin, Tennessee native donned fancy silver earrings to the event 

The celebrity, hailing from Franklin, Tennessee, sported chic silver earrings at the function. The actress, who worked alongside Hemsworth in “Isn’t It Romantic,” disclosed on the program that he had to spend a night in the hospital and texted her the next day expressing his wish for a speedy recovery.

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Happy hug: Cyrus gave Shawn Mendes a hug on the red carpet before the ceremony 

Shawn Mendes and Cyrus hugged each other with joyous smiles while walking the red carpet before the awards show. The duo seemed comfortable and content in each other’s company, surrounded by the constant flashing of cameras from the paparazzi. This heartening exchange beautifully portrayed the closeness and mutual admiration between these gifted celebrities.

Rocking the house: The pair matched in dark tones as they performed In My Blood

With synchronized outfits in a deep black hue, the two performers dominated the stage while singing their chart-topping track “In My Blood”. The audience was left captivated and ecstatic by their performance. Take a look at the incredible pictures showcased in the above gallery!

Stunning: The accomplished artist looked amazing as she took to the stage 

The audience was mesmerized as soon as the artist stepped onto the stage with her striking appearance and remarkable skills. It was indeed an awe-inspiring sight that left everyone in wonder.

Double trouble: The entertainers put on an electric performance for the fans 

The pair delivered a stunning performance that left their audience thrilled. You can view a collection of 27 photos showcasing their dynamic energy and impressive skills.

Serenade: Special fire effects rained down on the stars amid their set 

During their performance, the Serenade band went above and beyond by including unique fire effects that rained down on the stars. This added touch created an unforgettable moment for those in attendance. Take a look at the gallery above to witness the captivating display for yourself.

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