“Miley Cyrus Flaunts Fearless Fashion Style in Transparent Mesh Crop Top While Out Shopping with Mom in SoHo”

During her shopping trip in New York, Miley Cyrus caught everyone’s attention with her bold fashion statement. The star confidently flaunted her midriff and chest in a revealing mesh crop top. She was seen exploring stores in SoHo with her mother, Tish Cyrus, and appeared to be comfortable and stylish while trying on high-waisted jeans. To get a better look at Miley’s daring outfit, watch the video below.

Skimpy look: Miley Cyrus wore a see-through mesh top as she shopped in New York's SoHo on Monday

On a shopping spree in New York’s SoHo, Miley Cyrus was seen sporting a transparent mesh top on Monday. She was accompanied by her mother Tish Cyrus and the two were seen trying out different outfits and having a good time together. The popstar even posted a photo of them wearing matching white coats with fuzz. The mother-daughter duo seemed to be having a fun-filled day out as they shopped, laughed and smiled together.

Shopping spree: The 23-year-old checked herself out in the mirror as she tried on a pair of jeans

As the young woman embarked on a shopping adventure, she couldn’t resist admiring her reflection in the mirror while trying on a fresh pair of jeans. With her mother by her side, they strolled down the street sporting big grins and radiating good vibes. Miley went for a more subdued look, opting to go bare-faced without makeup and settling into a comfortable white sweatshirt featuring cute teddy bear designs. She finished off her outfit with a fuzzy red cap, a pair of loose-fitting, red-striped pants, and chunky black and red boots that she rolled up at the cuffs.

Biggest fan: Miley and her mother Tish Cyrus went for a casual look as they enjoyed some mother-daughter time in New York City on Monday

Miley Cyrus and her mom Tish Cyrus were seen enjoying some downtime together in New York City on Monday, sporting a relaxed and comfy look. Tish, who is a big admirer of her daughter, cherished the opportunity to spend some quality moments with her.

Matchy matchy: The singer showed off their fuzzy white coats as she shared a selfie on Instagram on Monday

On Instagram, a celebrity shared a selfie sporting a fuzzy white fur coat and a backpack that had the colors white, green, and red. The singer was seen expressing happiness by smiling and greeting her fans. Miley’s mother, Tish, also looked stylish wearing a matching coat with her daughter. The mom paired it with distressed skinny jeans and a tan scarf. Even though Miley was seen at JFK airport wearing an enormous engagement ring, she concealed it during her Manhattan excursion on Tuesday.

Colorful style: The makeup free singer later covered up with a teddy bear sweatshirt and bright red cap

The singer opted for a natural look during her recent outing, choosing to go without makeup. To stay warm in the chilly weather, she donned a cozy teddy bear sweatshirt and added a pop of color with a bright red cap. Lately, she has been keeping a low profile, spending quality time with her actor boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth. Notably, she recently purchased a beach house in Malibu, close to his home. Rumors are circulating that the couple may be engaged, especially after Miley joined Liam on a trip to Australia and spent time with his family in Byron Bay during the New Year festivities. It’s not their first time in a relationship – they were previously engaged before ending things in 2012.

Casual look: Miley wore red striped pants rolled up over chunky black boots

Casual look: Miley wore red striped pants rolled up over chunky black boots

Miley was rocking a casual look with her attire, which included a pair of red-striped pants that she had cuffed up to showcase her chunky black boots.

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