“Miley Cyrus Flaunts Fierce Bikini Look and Sips on ‘Drake’s Tears’ while Warding off Haters with ‘Holy Water'”

Miley Cyrus has been sharing some amazing snapshots of her poolside moments with her fans via Instagram. In these pictures, the pop icon can be seen flaunting her curves in a chic swimsuit from Dior while complementing her look with an array of chain necklaces and diamond chokers. Alice Moitié captured these beautiful shots of Miley relaxing by the poolside and striking poses in the desert. Additionally, the captions accompanying her Friday posts were quite funny and clever.

Drenched: Miley delighted her fans with another sexy bikini shot on Friday - with a cheeky caption - from her shoot with Alice Moitié

Miley Cyrus delighted her fan base once again by sharing a sizzling photo of herself in a bikini on Friday. The snap was taken during her photoshoot with Alice Moitié and features Miley pouring water over herself while comfortably seated in a pool. She also added a witty caption to the image, mentioning Drake’s Instagram handle and stating that she was soaking herself in his tears. In another photo from the same session, Miley sat on a plastic chair and flung water towards someone off-camera, using the caption to address her detractors and saying that she was using holy water on them. Recently, Miley has been posting some initial images from her seductive shoot and has been getting a tad risqué in her captions. In one of her posts, she even inquired about how wet she made her followers feel.

Take that: Miley threw holy water at her haters in this second snap she shared of her on a plastic chair in her Dior two-piece

Take a look at this: Miley, who is 26 years old, posted another picture where she is sitting on a plastic chair in her Dior swimsuit. In response to the criticism that she receives, she humorously sprinkled holy water on them.

Sitting pretty: The Wrecking Ball hitmaker wore more clothes for this snap as she sat in the desert in a metallic blue two-piece outfit

Miley Cyrus chose a chic and modest ensemble in this picture as she lounged in the desert. The metallic blue two-piece she wore looked quite fashionable and covered her up more than usual.

Pool time: Miley posted three photos where she was in a swimming pool on Wednesday

It seems like Miley is having a great time in the pool, as evidenced by the series of pictures she shared earlier this week. In one photo, she can be seen reacting to fans who are eagerly waiting for new music from her. She reminded everyone that good things come to those who wait and hinted that something exciting is in the works. Sporting dark eyeliner and bold lipstick, Miley looked glamorous even while swimming. She seemed to be having a blast doing the backstroke and enjoying the refreshing water.

Naughty lady: The wife of Liam Hemsworth also got a little raunchy in her captions. In one the openly bisexual star said, 'How wet I make you b****es'

The bold wife of Liam Hemsworth is not afraid to add a bit of spiciness to her social media posts. She confidently expresses her bisexuality with captions like “I wonder how much I turn you on, ladies.” Just yesterday, she was seen adorned in jewelry on the phone with her dad, requesting some money to attend her girls’ performances this summer. Adding to her daring persona, she recently shared a daring photo of herself in just a yellow hat, exclaiming her readiness to party and enjoy the festival season as an openly queer individual. Her openness about her sexuality extends beyond her social media presence, as she discussed her first kiss in a recent interview on RuPaul’s podcast.

In the swim: The Last Song star was heavily made up with dark eyeliner and bright red lipstick with her hair slicked back from the water

Having a blast: The leading lady from The Last Song looked stunning with her bold eye makeup and bright red lipstick, as she frolicked in the water with her hair pulled back.

Her statement: Cyrus shared a nude photo of herself to Instagram on Tuesday. She wrote in her caption, 'Festival season is here, I'm queer and ready to party! Lets go summer 2019'

Cyrus made headlines when she posted a picture of herself in the buff on Instagram, declaring her readiness to party during festival season. Meanwhile, during a podcast interview, the Tennessee native shared an intimate anecdote from her youth. She revealed that her first kiss was with a girl in middle school, and while it wasn’t accepted in her hometown of Nashville, she still pursued a relationship with the girl. This experience instilled a passion for advocating LGBTQ+ rights, which she has maintained throughout her career. Even during her stint as a Disney Channel star on Hannah Montana, Cyrus openly supported her gay friends, making her one of the network’s few allies. Recently, she appeared as a guest judge on the 11th season premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race, praising the show’s promotion of self-acceptance.

Casually clad: Miley was spotted out on Friday in the Studio City neighborhood of LA

On Friday, Miley was spotted wearing casual clothing while out in the Studio City area of Los Angeles. Beyond sexual preference, the value of a performance lies in its representation of authenticity. This authenticity is not necessarily determined by who one loves, but rather how much they love themselves. Recently wed to actor Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus spoke with Vanity Fair about how their relationship redefines what it means for someone who identifies as queer to be in a heterosexual partnership. For Cyrus, her identity as a queer individual is an integral aspect of her pride and who she is. She believes that modern relationships are not defined by gender or sexuality, as these factors pale in comparison to the bigger picture.

Happy: The pop superstar and her husband at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in February

Overjoyed: In February, the renowned vocalist and her partner, Liam, were caught on camera attending the Vanity Fair Oscar celebration.

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