“Miley Cyrus Rocks Bikini and Denim Shorts on Australian Getaway with Liam Hemsworth while Chris Hemsworth Reveals Details of Their Private Nuptials”

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been savoring their long vacation in Australia during the festive season, taking pleasure in the beautiful scenery of Byron Bay. The two were spotted flaunting their beach-ready bodies while spending some time in the coastal town of NSW. This sighting happened amidst rumors about their marriage, with a magazine claiming that they had a secret wedding ceremony in the famous hippie spot.

Byron babes! Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth looked loved-up while out for lunch in Byron Bay, Australia, earlier this month

They showcased their stunning beach bodies in the carpark

Look who’s enjoying their time in Australia! Miley Cyrus was recently spotted in Byron Bay with her beau Liam Hemsworth, showing off her slim physique in a white bikini top and denim shorts. Meanwhile, Liam’s older brother Chris has finally spoken up about the rumors of a secret wedding, clarifying that the couple has not yet tied the knot. Despite the controversy surrounding their relationship status, Miley and Liam seem to be enjoying their vacation Down Under. The songstress looked effortlessly stylish as she stepped out of their car, revealing her belly button piercing in the process.

Hot, hot, hot: Cutting a stunning figure, Miley, 25, wore a skimpy white bikini top during the couple's recent Byron Bay outing 

Looking absolutely gorgeous, Miley Cyrus, aged 25, flaunted her appealing figure by wearing a revealing white bikini top while spending time in Byron Bay with her partner.

Daisy Dukes: The songstress teamed her swimwear with tiny denim shorts as she stepped out of the car the pair arrived in

The musician paired her swimsuit with small denim shorts when she exited the vehicle they arrived in.

Looking good! Passers-by were treated to a leggy display as the beauty waited for Liam to unpack their blue SUV

Wow, she looks stunning! Onlookers were in for a treat as the gorgeous lady flaunted her long legs while waiting for Liam to unload their blue SUV.

Need any help? Passers-by were treated to a leggy display

The beauty patiently waited for Liam to unpack the car

Looking stunning in her casual attire, the leading lady stole the limelight with her vibrant pink kimono adorned with intricate floral designs. Onlookers couldn’t help but admire her long legs as she waited for Liam to unload their blue SUV. Completing her look with a cap and slides, the star player effortlessly pulled off a chic yet comfortable outfit. Meanwhile, Liam opted for a laid-back look in board shorts and a T-shirt that made him blend in perfectly with the locals.

Flowing florals: The star player in her effortless outfit was a bright pink kimono with floral prints, and she finished off the ensemble with a cap and slides

Effortlessly chic: The bright pink kimono with delicate floral prints stole the show in her fashionable attire. To complete the look, she paired it with a cap and comfy slides.

Blending in: In board shorts and a T-shirt, Liam, 28, could have easily blended-in with the locals 

Liam, who is 28 years old, could have easily passed as a local with his board shorts and T-shirt.

Just a sec darl! He was seen grabbing some belongings from the boot of his car

Hold on a moment, my dear! The guy was spotted collecting some of his stuff from the trunk of his vehicle, which seemed to still have one of their bags.
On Wednesday, Chris, Liam’s sibling, made a statement regarding rumors that his brother and Miley got married in secret earlier this year in a coastal town in New South Wales.

Luggage lover: The car appeared to still contain one of the Hollywood-based couple's luggage bags

As a person who enjoys luggage, I noticed that there seemed to be one bag left in the couple’s car. When questioned about recent rumors in a Sirius XM radio interview, Chris responded with an awkward giggle and denied any official marriage between the Hollywood pair. Interestingly, he chose his words carefully, leaving room for speculation. Nonetheless, Chris did not deny that Miley and Liam had some sort of wedding ceremony in Byron Bay earlier this year.

Lock it or lose it! It was just a few short seconds before he joined Miley

“Remember to lock your belongings, or they might disappear in mere seconds, just like what happened before Miley arrived.” This statement was made by an individual following rumors from NW magazine that Miley and Liam had a secret wedding in Australia. The magazine claimed that the couple wore bands on their ring fingers, and according to an insider, “It’s such a special place for them (in Byron Bay). It felt right.” Despite calling off their first engagement in 2013, the famous pair reignited their romance during a New Year’s celebration in the coastal town in January 2016.

Still hope: On Wednesday, Liam's brother Chris spoke out after reports his brother and Miley 'secretly tied the knot' in the New South Wales coastal town, earlier this year

There is still a glimmer of hope for Liam and Miley’s relationship. Recently, Liam’s brother Chris addressed rumors about the couple’s alleged secret wedding in a coastal town in New South Wales earlier this year.

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