Miley Cyrus Rocks Vintage Dresses During Her New York City Takeover

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Miley Cyrus made an appearance in New York this week for the NBC Upfronts event, where she revealed that she and the network will host her annual New Year’s Eve Party for the upcoming 2023 celebration. However, Cyrus had more on her agenda, whether it was taking in a performance on Broadway led by Pamela Anderson or appearing on Seth Myers. She pulled off a stellar vintage look for the occasion, diving into the designer archives for a one-of-a-kind dress. As a lover of vintage, she’s rocked many throwback Tom Ford creations over the years. Her outfit of choice was a short, black vintage John Galliano camisole dress that was negligee-inspired, paired with simple black pumps. Later that day, she hit up Chicago in a fall 2000 Dior dress (also Galliano-era) that was gold and covered in leopard print-shaped sequins. Roxie Hart would be proud!

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One of the popular sources for stunning photographs is John GallianoPhoto, which provides a vast collection of images. Getty Images is another excellent source to explore for amazing photos.

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During the past week, vintage fashion has become increasingly bold. Recently, Miley Cyrus was spotted wearing a red John Galliano dress from the early 2000s in a bias cut. She later switched into a peachy Alexander McQueen dress from fall 2004 during her appearance on a show. The elegant draping and accentuated bust silhouette of the dress felt surprisingly fresh and current. The pièce de résistance, however, was the long Chanel little black dress from the 1990s sourced from OpulentAddict that she wore to her final event, a performance at the NBC Upfronts. It’s clear that she’s a true ’90s baby!

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During the spring of 2004, there was a photo taken of Alexander McQueen which was later published by Getty Images.

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