“Miley Cyrus Shapeshifts Through Multiple Outfits in TV Ad Shoot, Showing off Killer Abs and Fashionable Denim Shorts”

Miley Cyrus is famous for her peculiar fashion choices and eagerness to experiment with different styles. Recently, she demonstrated her versatility by shooting a Converse sneaker advert in Venice Beach. During the shoot, she wore three distinct outfits, including a striking pair of blue sneakers and denim shorts while strolling along the frigid ocean shore.

Sexy style: Miley Cyrus flashed her tummy and beautiful legs in teeny denim shorts as  she filmed a commercial for Converse sneakers on the beach in Venice, Los Angeles, on Thursday

Last Thursday, Miley Cyrus was seen shooting a commercial for Converse shoes in Venice, Los Angeles. She looked stunning in her denim shorts and crop top with shades of blue and sea green that showcased her toned tummy and legs. Her hair had been styled into an updo with blue and silver feather-like extensions. Later on, she switched to pink jeans and tied her T-shirt in a knot to flaunt her athletic abs.

Shore thing: The look was among three outfits the hitmaker donned for the shoot

Not an issue: The 24-year-old musician donned three different outfits for the photo shoot, and this was one of them.

Water girl: She teamed her shorts with a crop top in shades of sea green and blue that showed off her toned and tanned tummy as she walked in the chilly ocean holding her sneakers

Water girl: She teamed her shorts with a crop top in shades of sea green and blue that showed off her toned and tanned tummy as she walked in the chilly ocean holding her sneakers

The young woman walking near the shoreline was dressed in a coordinated ensemble of sea green and blue, consisting of a crop top and shorts that accentuated her toned and tanned midsection. She leisurely walked through the refreshing waves, holding onto her sneakers.

Great rear view: The Voice judge showed off her delightful derriere in the barely there shorts

The coach on The Voice showed off her attractive rear end in some revealing shorts that provided a great view from the back. Miley Cyrus, formerly known as Hannah Montana, wore eye-catching pink high-top Chuck Taylor sneakers while taking a walk around a coastal community. However, she experienced a comical mishap when she unintentionally stepped onto an abnormally large piece of gum. Her hair was styled in a bun held together with ribbons in shades of red and pink. This time, instead of letting her hair down, the singer of “Wrecking Ball” decided to tie it up.

Uh oh! Later Miley got herself into a sticky situation as she stepped into a comically-sized piece of gum while filming

Uh-oh! Miley got herself into a bit of a pickle when she inadvertently stepped on an absurdly massive wad of chewing gum during filming.

Rosy glow: This time Miley  slipped her slender figure into pink jeans and a T-shirt that she tied into a knot to reveal her abs plus bright pink Converse sneakers

Miley was absolutely gorgeous in her rosy attire that highlighted her svelte frame. Her form-fitting pink jeans were an excellent match for her curves and were paired with a tied-up T-shirt to show off her toned abs. To complete her look, she wore pink Converse sneakers that added a splash of color to her appearance.

Help from mom! Her look-a-like mother Tish Cyrus, 50,  stayed by Miley's side in between shots

Assisted by her mother, Tish Cyrus, who shares a striking resemblance to her, Miley Cyrus had some good company during filming breaks. Later in the day, she chose to switch up her outfit and went for a relaxed look with a striped summer dress, blue low-top Converse sneakers and a bright green sun hat.

Sunny day! Later in the afternoon, Miley made a quick change into a breezy, striped summer dress teamed with sky blue Converse sneakers

Wow, the sun is shining so bright today! As the day progressed, Miley decided to change her outfit and opted for a charming, airy dress that had stripes that blended well with the sunny weather. She added a pair of Converse sneakers in a delightful sky blue hue to wrap up her look.

Hairs a thing: Miley's blonde tresses were styled in two braids that fell onto her shoulders

Hair is the topic of discussion today, and Miley Cyrus has flaunted her trademark blonde tresses in a lighthearted and playful manner. She styled them in two braids that hung down her shoulders.

Darling look: A neon green sun hat finished off The Voice judge's summery style

Darling look: A neon green sun hat finished off her summery style

Hey love, have you seen the gorgeous neon green sun hat that The Voice coach wore to complete her summer look? It was simply stunning! On a different note, Miley Cyrus recently took to social media to express her happiness about Australia’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage. The singer, who is currently dating Liam Hemsworth from Australia, congratulated the country with a heartwarming message and pledged her love and support towards the cause. According to her, every step taken towards equality brings the world closer to peace. It’s not just Miley; other celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Debbie Harry, and Sia also took to Twitter to show their support for the historic decision.

Action! The singer looked cute in her feminine dress and green straw hat

Alright, let’s get started! The singer looked absolutely charming in her cute outfit and vibrant green sun hat.

Love is love: Miley, who is also dating an Australian in Liam Hemsworth, also posted a heartfelt message on social media after the historic vote was made on Wednesday

Love is an emotion that transcends any borders or limits. Miley Cyrus, who is romantically involved with Liam Hemsworth from Australia, posted a heartfelt message on social media after the historic vote on Wednesday.

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