“Miley Cyrus Steals the Show at Met Gala 2018 with Daring Backless Gown and Braless Look”

The Met Gala had a Catholic theme this year, and many celebrities chose to embrace it with heavenly looks. However, Miley Cyrus went for the opposite side by wearing a seductive black gown at the event named Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. The 25-year-old artist, known for her transition from Disney princess to pop queen in 2013 at the VMAs, accidentally flashed her backside while arriving at the prestigious event.

Cheeky! Miley Cyrus wore a sinfully gorgeous black gown to the Met Gala on Monday night in New York City, accidentally flashing her derriere as she arrived on the red carpet 

What a bold move! Miley Cyrus appeared at the Met Gala in New York City donning an incredibly stunning black dress that revealed a glimpse of her behind as she walked along the red carpet.

Taking the plunge: The star dared to bare in her extreme plunging dress - both with a low neckline and a dramatic backless cut

Taking the plunge: The star dared to bare in her extreme plunging dress - both with a low neckline and a dramatic backless cut

In a daring fashion move, the famous star decided to flaunt her figure in a dress with a neckline that plunged low and a backless cut that was nothing short of dramatic. Miley Cyrus opted to forego wearing a bra, revealing not only her tattoos but also a number of stunning necklaces, including several from Gabriel NY. Her outfit for the gala was both simple and understated, yet refreshingly bold, reflecting the emotional complexities of Catholicism. To add a touch of religious symbolism to her risque black dress, Cyrus donned jewelry in the shape of various religious symbols.

Subtle nod: Miley accessorised her look with a gold cross chain snaking around her back 

Miley added a delicate touch to her outfit with a slender gold cross necklace that gracefully wound its way along her back.

She goes against the stream: With a Catholic theme at this year's Met Gala the majority of stars opted for a heavenly look

Miley opted to go sans bra in a very plunging black gown that exposed not only some of her tattoos but generous glimpses of flesh

Miley Cyrus dared to go braless in a revealing black dress which showcased not just her tattoos and necklaces from Gabriel NY, but also ample amounts of skin. It was a bold move on her part to show off her dark side.

Hitching a ride: An assistant carried the pop star's train as she ascended some stairs

Getting a lift: A helper held up the train of the famous singer’s dress while she went up a flight of stairs.

Helping hand: The star was given some assistance as she mounted the steps to the Met 

A kind gesture: The celebrity received aid while ascending the stairs of the Metropolitan Museum.

Tantalising: The blonde beauty showed off just the right amount of skin

Tantalising: The blonde beauty showed off just the right amount of skin

The enticing blonde exhibited just the right amount of skin, complemented by gold crosses on her ears and neck. It’s possible that the cross on her neck symbolizes the Christian belief that we are all sinful and seek redemption. While other attendees dressed up as Jesus or the Pope, Miley opted for a more relatable interpretation – that of a Catholic struggling with human vices while still yearning for purity. Instead of focusing on the divine aspect, Miley showcased a more realistic representation – that of the guilt often associated with being Catholic. This fashion statement reflects her ongoing battle to distance herself from her previous image as a wholesome, American sweetheart, and instead create music with deeper meaning.

Working it: The blonde beauty was in her element as she posed on the red carpet 

She was in her element, the stunning blonde, as she elegantly posed on the red carpet.

Going way back! The design of the gown showed off a glimpse of her derriere

Holding it all together: Black magic appeared to hold Miley's dress in place

Looking back in time! The dress design unveiled a peek of her backside.

Touchy feely! Her designer Stella McCartney cheekily grabbed the star's buttox while chatting with fellow muse Paris Jackson

The atmosphere was light and playful as Stella McCartney, the celebrated designer, playfully gave a friendly squeeze to the famous star’s derriere during a conversation with Paris Jackson, another one of her muses.

Good pals: Miley returned the favor with her own affectionate gesture by planting a kiss on the designer's cheek

Great friends: Miley reciprocated the kind gesture by giving the designer a loving peck on the cheek.

Each year, the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts an annual gala that corresponds with their exhibit. The latest exhibit focuses on the relationship between fashion and Catholicism, exploring how the two intertwine in religious traditions. It’s a unique combination of fashion designs alongside sacred works of art. To add to the experience, 50 of these sacred works have been loaned from the Sistine Chapel sacristy at the Vatican.

Model muses: Paris and Miley posed up with the fashion designer before entering the ball

Paris and Miley, the model muses, posed alongside the fashion designer before making their grand entrance into the ball.

Wow: Miley shared a number of pre-Met Gala pictures on her Instagram account 

Miley has taken to her Instagram account to share a selection of throwback snaps prior to attending the Met Gala.

Working it: The beauty was in her element in front of the cameras, flashing a dazzling smile 

She was a natural in front of the cameras, her stunning smile capturing the attention of all. The Anna Wintour Costume Center galleries will soon showcase a range of religious items, including papal vestments and various accessories like rings and tiaras, dating from the 18th to the early 21st century. With over 15 papacies represented, the exhibit highlights the enduring relationship between fashion and religion. Andrew Bolton, head curator of the institute, expressed his thoughts on the intertwined nature of fashion and religion in a statement.

Take the throne: The star staged a shoot on a chair, with a crown placed on her lap 

Assume the position of royalty: The celebrity posed for a photo shoot while sitting on a chair, with a magnificent crown resting on her lap.

Tattooed: The pop princess' revealing dress highlighted her extensive body art collection

Tattooed: The pop princess' revealing dress highlighted her extensive body art collection

The dress worn by the pop princess drew attention to her vast collection of body art, which was prominently showcased.

Controversial: The star embraced the theme by posing with a giant crucifix 

There has been some debate surrounding the recent actions of the celebrity who decided to fully embrace the theme by taking a photograph with a large crucifix.

Working it: The singer was larking about, turning heads in her dramatic black dress

Having a blast: The vocalist was goofing around and causing a stir in her eye-catching black gown.

Wow: Miley's slinky attire captured the attention of the crowds as she made her way in

The crowd was in awe of Miley’s sultry outfit as she entered the venue. The fashion industry has a complicated and debated history, however, it has also produced some of the most imaginative and groundbreaking designs of all time. The showcased collection of 150 outfits is sourced from various prominent designers such as Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, and Gianni and Donatella Versace, to name a few. This highly anticipated exhibition, curated by the Costume Institute and the Department of Medieval Art and The Cloisters, will be on display from May 10 to October 8.

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