“Miley Cyrus Teases Fans with Electrifying Performance in Sheer Bodysuit after Lollapalooza Gig in Chile”

On Sunday, Miley Cyrus shared a lively video on Instagram featuring herself wearing a see-through bodysuit. The 29-year-old singer-songwriter added the caption ‘GO B**** GO!’, along with the hashtags ‘#ATTENTION’ and ‘#MILEYLIVE’. In the fast-paced black-and-white clip, Cyrus sported a blonde bob and showed off her moves while saying the phrase, ‘Go b**** go!’

The latest: Miley Cyrus, 29, took to Instagram Sunday with a high-energy clip in which she donned a sheer bodysuit

Miley Cyrus, a popular singer at the age of 29, recently shared a lively video on Instagram where she was seen wearing a see-through bodysuit. Throughout the musical clip, the singer had a pair of sunglasses on, and the teaser featured multiple close-up shots of her face as well as full body shots as she walked from a dimly lit room towards a brightly lit door. Over the weekend, she performed as the headline act for Lollapalooza Chile 2022, which took place in Santiago, Chile at Parque Bicentenario Cerrillos. Alongside A$AP Rocky and DJ Alesso, Cyrus rocked a blue metallic jumpsuit that hugged her body and black boots.

Cyrus looked fit in a sheer bodysuit she wore in the black and white clip

In the black and white video, Cyrus appeared to be in great shape as she donned a see-through bodysuit.

The music superstar captioned the clip, 'GO B**** GO!' with the hashtags, #ATTENTION and #MILEYLIVE

The popular musician wrote a message on her post that says, “Let’s get it, girl!” along with the tags #ATTENTION and #MILEYLIVE.

The fast-paced teaser included many close-ups of the songstress spliced with full body shots as she walked from a dark room toward a light door

The preview showcased multiple close-up shots of the singer interspersed with full body shots as she walked from a dimly lit room towards a brightly lit door. In a video shared on social media during her concert, Cyrus expressed her excitement about embarking on another tour and her admiration for Chilean culture. She also acknowledged the evolution of society and the presence of Pride flags and individuals defying gender norms. Cyrus aimed to create a performance that celebrated every aspect of her life, past, present, and future, just like the culture that inspired her.

Cyrus was seen dancing on the floor in the clip

In the video, Cyrus was spotted grooving on the dance floor.

The superstar singer was seen onstage in Santiago, Chile on Saturday

During the weekend, the popular vocalist graced the stage in Santiago, Chile for a live performance.

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