“Revealing the Tricks to Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar-Ready Figure: Tips from Her Trainer and Post-Exercise Burger Indulgences”

Jennifer Lawrence, although vocal in her opposition towards dieting and societal expectations of body image, still managed to turn heads on the red carpet with her stunning appearance over the weekend. Despite being a self-proclaimed lover of pizza, many are curious as to how she manages to maintain her enviable figure. According to her former personal trainer, Dalton Wong, Lawrence achieves her physique by consuming nutritious foods at appropriate intervals and engaging in exercises that cater to her individual needs. In an interview with Healthista, Wong shared his techniques for helping Lawrence attain her amazing body without resorting to restrictive diets.

Miss Lawrence is feeling proud of her nomination for her role in Joy as she walks the red carpet at the Oscars. Her personal trainer, Wong, reveals that they had a well-rounded fitness routine that included rigorous morning workouts such as cardio and soothing evening exercises like yoga. Additionally, there were days when Wong took her for massages to help her unwind and destress.

Jennifer Lawrence arrives at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in incredible shape. Celebrity Dalton Wong reveals the secrets to her success in achieving her svelte physique

Jennifer Lawrence impressed everyone with her stunning physique at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Maintaining her toned figure is no easy feat, but the actress has some tricks up her sleeve, as revealed by her personal trainer Dalton Wong. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind Jennifer’s enviable body.

Miss Lawrence shows off her slim waistline at the Oscar party in Beverly Hills as her once personal-trainer Dalton Wong reveals how  he helped her to understand her body's needs,  exercise, when to unwind, and how to enjoy food

Miss Lawrence turned heads at the Oscars party in Beverly Hills with her stunning figure. Her personal trainer, Dalton Wong, shared that he helped her understand her body’s needs, developed workout routines, encouraged relaxation, and allowed her to enjoy food. Wong is the author of The Feelgood Plan and owner of a private fitness facility called Twenty Two Training in West London. He has worked with several famous personalities such as Kit Harrington, Zoë Kravitz, Amanda Seyfried, and Jennifer Lawrence, who credits him for introducing her to a healthy lifestyle when they started working together in 2010. Wong trained J-Law for three months before her role as the agile Mystique in X-Men: First Class.

Miss Lawrence says they have remained good friends, and when she’s in London she loves to train in his gym

Miss Lawrence and Dalton Wong have maintained a strong friendship for many years, according to her. The actress enjoys visiting his gym whenever she is in London. She credits Wong with transforming her physique and providing her with the knowledge and skills to improve her overall life. Wong taught her about her body’s requirements, when to exercise and relax, and how to enjoy food without resorting to a restrictive diet. Miss Lawrence expresses her gratitude for Wong’s guidance and says that she will always be thankful for his impact on her life. Despite the rigors of their training sessions leading up to X-Men: First Class, they remained close friends and would often indulge in burgers and fries after their workouts. Wong’s workout plans, including the Espresso Energiser and Anti-Ager, are included in her book. Wong and Miss Lawrence’s workout routines consisted of running, weightlifting, yoga, resistance, and squats. Wong would occasionally treat her to massages after high-intensity workouts in the morning and more relaxing exercises later in the evening.

Celebrity trainer Dalton Wong says that when he trained J-Law he devised workouts that would make her feel good, and get her in great shape without it being detrimental to her work

Celebrities’ personal trainer, Dalton Wong, shared that he tailored Jennifer Lawrence’s workouts to fit her needs and schedule. He wanted to make sure that the exercises didn’t disrupt her work while still achieving her desired fitness level. Wong followed The Feelgood Plan, a program that combines healthy eating habits and workout routines, which helped J-Law attain a superhero-like physique in only three months. Moreover, Wong advised chewing food thoroughly as it releases more nutrients, based on his top tip.

In the lead up to X-Men: First Class, when J-Law played Mystique, they spent between 10-12 hours a day together

Jennifer Lawrence prepared for her role as Mystique in X-Men: First Class by dedicating 10-12 hours per day to training with her instructor, Wong. During this time, Wong guided her on the significance of healthy eating and exercise, emphasizing the importance of balance. Wong didn’t believe in avoiding junk food completely but rather recommended consuming plenty of vegetables, proteins, and healthy carbohydrates. He also emphasized the need to exercise within one’s limits and to pay attention to the body’s signals to determine which exercises were most effective. Wong’s goal for Lawrence was not to exhaust her but to help her feel healthier, more energetic, and stronger, ultimately enabling her to work better.

‘I couldn’t exhaust Jennifer so much that she felt so sore at work the next day, my job was to make her feel better, fitter, and stronger, so that she could work better, says Wong

Wong clarifies that he never intended to exhaust Jennifer to the point of feeling sore at work. Instead, his goal was to help her feel more energized and capable of performing her job effectively. Wong is passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles and believes that individuals should pay attention to their bodies in order to achieve overall wellness. He suggests taking a balanced approach to exercise, including activities like yoga, pilates, and meditation to promote happiness and physical health. In terms of diet, Wong emphasizes the importance of consuming nutrient-rich foods while still allowing for occasional indulgences like chocolate and ice cream. To maintain a balanced diet, he recommends eating high-protein foods for breakfast and lunch, but avoiding them at dinner to ensure sustained feelings of satiation throughout the day. Lastly, Wong suggests avoiding meat consumption before bed, as this can put unnecessary strain on the digestive system. Instead, he advises incorporating meat into breakfast or lunch to allow for efficient digestion.

Eating vegetables as a main meal at night can help aid digestion, Wong says

According to Wong, incorporating vegetables into your dinner can enhance digestion. He emphasizes the importance of consuming the right foods at the right time to achieve desired outcomes. For example, eating quinoa or a small amount of rice for breakfast can help you maintain focus during a business meeting, while consuming baked sweet potato with avocado for lunch can boost your exercise potential. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose appropriate foods based on your objectives.

To alleviate bloating, it’s important to recognize that different foods may affect people in varying ways. Wong recommends identifying potential trigger foods by eliminating them one by one. Common culprits include gluten, dairy, lentils, and salads. By keeping track of suspected trigger foods and testing them individually, you can determine what to avoid and include in your diet.

‘Dalton taught me how to eat, move and live a delicious but healthy life. I will always thank him for that’

The writer learned from Dalton Wong how to live a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle through proper eating and exercise. However, it is important to determine which foods may cause bloating before starting any elimination diets to avoid omitting foods that could be beneficial to one’s health. Wong emphasizes that a diet plan tailored to others may not work for everyone, so it is vital to create a customized plan based on individual needs and sensitivities. Wong’s advice is to become your own trainer and nutritionist. His book, The Feelgood Plan: Happier, Healthier and Slimmer in 15 minutes a day, co-authored with Kate Faithfull-Williams, can be purchased on Amazon for £10.49. This article was originally published on Healthista and has been shared here with permission.

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