“Sassy and Sultry: A Sneak Peek of Selena Gomez’s Alluring New Music Video ‘Hands To Myself'”

It has been speculated that Selena Gomez is dating her former flame Justin Bieber or One Direction’s Niall Horan. Yet, in a sneak peek of her new “Hands To Myself” music video, the pop star shows off a diamond ring on her finger, hinting at a possible special someone in her life. The 23-year-old looks thrilled as she displays her fit figure in black lingerie while lounging on a bed. Check out the preview clip for yourself!

Daring to bare: Selena Gomez flashes some skin in black lingerie in a teaser for her upcoming Hands To Myself music video

Selena Gomez has excited her supporters by providing a sneak peek of her upcoming music video for “Hands To Myself.” In the teaser, she can be seen wearing black lingerie and walking around a lavish home, exuding a sultry and confident demeanour. Her followers are eagerly anticipating the full release of the video.

Is that you? The star showed off a new look, sporting bold bangs and dramatic, dark eyeliner as she could be seen entering an empty, modern-style house

Hey, have you checked out the fresh makeover of that famous person? She recently revealed a new appearance featuring trendy bangs and bold eyeliner while stepping into an elegant, deserted home. Take a peek at the snapshots in the collection up top.

Cheeky: Selena showed off her pert derriere in fitted, black underwear, as she dropped her black trench and made her way up the stairs

Selena playfully showed off her fit behind by donning tight black underwear. To add a touch of sophistication to her attire, she paired it with sleek black heels and a sparkling diamond ring as she ascended the stairs.

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Ken Bruce faced communication issues while hosting his radio show following his second separation. To enhance her confident appearance, the Disney Channel performer donned glittery black eyeshadow and mascara, coupled with a glossy nude lip color, and topped it off with a deep-toned manicure that perfectly matched her daring attire.

Stunning: The former Disney Channel star flaunted her taut figure in black lingerie and strappy heels as she made her way into the master bedroom 

We were left speechless as the former Disney Channel star flaunted her slim figure in a stunning set of black lingerie and chic strappy heels, confidently walking into the main bedroom.

Happy to be here: Selena shows off a big smile as she relaxes on the room's expansive bed in her lingerie 

The pictures of Selena show her radiating happiness as she relaxes on a bed wearing lingerie. She heads towards a dimly lit bedroom and plays music using a white Beats Pill. She then lies on the comfortable black comforter, checking out the closet of the owner. Selena appears lost in thought as she browses through some items before choosing a white button-down shirt. Her modeling talent is on display as she tries on the shirt and strikes alluring poses in front of a three-sided mirror.

Curious: The scantily clad star could be seen browsing a mystery man's closet, before deciding to try on a white, button down shirt 

The celebrity caught the attention of many as she boldly raided an unfamiliar man’s closet. After some rummaging, she settled on trying out a crisp white shirt with a collar.

Model behavior: The performer takes a moment to try on a white, button down shirt, modeling it seductively in the mirror 

The model takes a break from the photo shoot to don a fresh white shirt. She pauses to check herself out in the mirror, striking a provocative pose to showcase the shirt’s perfect fit. The atmosphere is filled with boldness and grace.

Checking out her moves: Selena watches herself as she dances in the mirror, while wearing the button down she had taken from the closet

Checking out her moves: Selena watches herself as she dances in the mirror, while wearing the button down she had taken from the closet

While dancing, Selena glances at herself in the mirror, clad in a men’s button-down shirt she discovered in the closet. She models for a while before collapsing onto the room’s expansive bed with a grin. Suddenly, the police arrive and accuse her of trespassing in the upscale home. Selena remains unfazed and snatches up a Beats Pill before making a swift getaway.

Moving on: After showing off her moves, Selena drops the shirt, too, and then can be seen writhing on the bed in her lingerie 

Moving on to the next part, Selena showcases her dancing skills and eventually takes off her shirt. Following that, she sensually moves on the bed with lingerie on.

Does Justin know? The hitmaker sported a big, diamond sparkler on her ring finger in the video

Did you happen to spot the dazzling diamond ring adorning the finger of Justin’s better half? The renowned musician proudly showcased the glittering jewelry in a recent clip.

Enjoying the scenery: Selena lounged across the large bed, happy to be at the stunning house - until the cops arrived

Selena Gomez was caught on camera relaxing on a luxurious bed in a teaser clip, admiring the beautiful house. However, the video ended abruptly with the police showing up to investigate while Selena was wearing just her underwear. Recently, she gave her Twitter followers a sneak peek of her latest music video “#HandsToMyself” featuring the #NewBeatsPill. Additionally, on December 1, she released a video with Victoria’s Secret Angels to promote her single and upcoming appearance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, airing on CBS on December 8th.

Making her escape: As the cops arrive it seems the star had broken into the luxurious house, and she can be seen grabbing the Beats Pill and making a run for it

As the police arrived, it seems like the famous person has illegally entered a luxurious house. The whole incident got recorded, and she quickly took a Beats Pill before running away.

Cliffhanger: The video teaser ends with Selena's fate unknown as she had scrambled to make her escape as cops rushed inside to scope out the scene

The sneak peek of the video leaves viewers wondering about Selena’s fate as she attempts to escape while the police rush to the scene. Selena had a tumultuous relationship with Justin Bieber, dating on and off since 2010 until earlier this year. Despite the breakup, Justin recently admitted that he still has feelings for her and was even captured on camera singing to her at a hotel bar in Beverly Hills. Selena has also been romantically linked to Niall Horan, a member of the band One Direction. The two were seen kissing at Jenna Dewan Tatum’s birthday party after enjoying themselves at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball in Los Angeles. It’s been reported that they were first spotted having dinner together in Malibu just last month.

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