Selena Gomez and The Weeknd go on a cozy pet-hunting date after Instagram hack.

Selena Gomez appeared tired after dealing with a significant Instagram hack in the past week when she was spotted with her boyfriend The Weeknd on a Sunday afternoon walk in New York City’s West Village. The couple seemed to be considering adopting a pet together as they were seen visiting an animal store during their casual outing. Watch the video below for more details.

On the go: Hours prior to their dinner date, the couple were seen heading out in the West Village neighbourhood of NYC together

Selena Gomez and her boyfriend, The Weeknd, were spotted in New York City after her recent Instagram hack. The singer appeared a bit tired but rocked a street chic look consisting of bell-bottom jeans, black high-heeled boots, and a tucked-in black blouse. She completed her outfit with a statement Coach bag from her designer collection. Selena opted for a slicked-back hairstyle and a natural makeup look to accentuate her beauty. Her beau, The Weeknd, sported a loose-fitted turquoise green and black Puma zip-up jacket and round-framed sunglasses for a quirky touch.

Next step? The hitmakers were seen heading into a pet shop that had kittens in the window - suggesting they could be adopting a pet together

What’s next for the hitmakers? It seems that they were spotted entering a pet store that displayed adorable kittens in their window. This might indicate that they are considering adopting a furry friend together.

On trend: The Fetish singer added a black blouse that was tucked in, relying on her statement designer bag once more to brighten up her attire. and a fire red Coach purse 

Selena appeared to be in need of some rest as she was spotted with her partner, donning a stylish street look. She combined bell-bottom jeans with black high-heeled boots for an effortlessly chic outfit.

Stunning: She chose to wear her tresses parted in the middle and pulled back into a slick style and accentuated her natural beauty with a pared back beauty look

Stunning: She chose to wear her tresses parted in the middle and pulled back into a slick style and accentuated her natural beauty with a pared back beauty look

Wow, she really pulled it off! The musician known for her hit song “Fetish” paired a stylish black blouse with jeans and accessorized with her signature Coach designer bag to add a pop of color to her outfit.

Quirky: The Weeknd  cut a quirky figure alongside his love in a loose-fitted turquoise green and black Puma zip-up jacket and round-framed sunglasses

Stunning: Her hair was styled in a slick, middle-parted look that highlighted her natural beauty. She opted for a simple and pared-down beauty look. The duo was spotted grabbing their morning coffee, accompanied by a security guard, and perusing a few shops. They even made a pit stop at the Louis Vuitton store in SoHo. Selena and her beau were seen chatting and browsing through items at the store. Later that night, the couple enjoyed a casual dinner at Nobu restaurant in New York City. Selena looked effortlessly chic for their night out, donning an understated yet stylish ensemble.

Day date: The pair were seen picking up coffees, while followed by a security guard, and passed several shops - choosing to stop and have a look inside the Louis Vuitton store in SoHo 

The Weeknd appeared in a unique outfit with his partner, sporting a loose turquoise green and black Puma zip-up jacket and rounded sunglasses.

At ease: The duo looked perfectly content as they enjoyed each other's company, closely followed by a member of their security team 

Looking to start their day off right: The duo were spotted grabbing some coffee together, trailed by a watchful security team.

Relaxed: They were seen taking to the streets in NYC as they enjoyed some time together 

During their day out in New York City, the couple came across numerous shops. They eventually decided to take a break and explore the Louis Vuitton store located in SoHo.

Retail therapy: Selena was seen chatting with her beau, who appeared engrossed in his phone, and pointing out items to him in the store as they strolled through

Retail therapy: Selena was seen chatting with her beau, who appeared engrossed in his phone, and pointing out items to him in the store as they strolled through

Selena and her partner were spotted indulging in some retail therapy, with Selena pointing out various items in the store while her beau was busy on his phone. Opting for a more casual look than her usual glamorous outfits, Selena wore tapered white leggings and an oversized knitted jumper in a grey hue. The jumper boasted a turtle neck and turned-up sleeves, which skimmed over her slender frame. On her feet, Selena donned box-fresh trainers, and added a pop of color to her outfit with a pillar-box red handbag worn across her body. Her raven locks were styled into a tousled bun atop her head, while the front sections of her hair were left down to frame her face. She chose a subtle makeup look for the outing. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, rocked a jacket with checkered sleeves and a stone-colored baseball cap.

Date night: Later that evening, the pair stepped out for what appeared to have been a casual dinner date

Romantic night out: In the evening, the couple headed out for a seemingly relaxed dinner date.

Undercover: The former Disney starlet appeared camera shy as she made her way out onto the street, attempting to cover her face with one hand

Making a statement: Her boyfriend, meanwhile, caught the eye in a jacket that featured checkered sleeves and a stone-coloured baseball cap

Selena spiced up her outfit with a bright, eye-catching red Coach purse that she sported over her shoulder. It was the perfect accessory to add some pop to her look.

Keeping it casual... Selena appeared dressed down in a pair of white sweatpants, which she wore pushed up around her calves

In a departure from her typical glamorous style, she opted for a relaxed outfit consisting of white tapered leggings and an oversized knitted jumper.

Comfort first... Selena also donned an oversize grey sweater and white sneakers. Her long brown hair was tied up in topknot, and she wore hoop earrings

Seeming a bit shy in front of the camera, Selena covered her face with her hand while leaving the well-known restaurant accompanied by The Weeknd.

Selena and The Weeknd were spotted leaving a popular eatery in New York, with Selena appearing shy as she hid her face behind her hand. Their outing follows a recent incident where Selena’s Instagram account was hacked, resulting in nude photos of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber being posted on her page. Although Bieber wasn’t dating Selena at the time the photos were taken, the paparazzi shots from 2015 were still highly personal and invasive. Selena is the most-followed person on Instagram, with over 125 million followers. The hackers responsible for the breach included their own Instagram handles in the caption and made derogatory comments about Bieber. Selena’s account was quickly deactivated and is now back under her team’s control.

New romance: She has now moved on with Bella Hadid's ex-boyfriend The Weeknd, who she has been dating since the beginning of year 

Gomez and The Weeknd were spotted in the bustling streets of New York City on a particular Saturday.

Scandal: Their romance came to light just weeks after her friend supermodel Bella, 20, had split from him, with Selena and The Weekend sharing their romance on social media a few months later in April

Spending some quality time together has been the top priority for the two, who have been practically attached at the hip during their recent break from their hectic routines.

Online trouble: Selena's appearance in New York comes after she had her Instagram hacked, with three naked photos of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber being posted to her account

Selena Gomez’s recent appearance in New York coincided with her Instagram account being hacked. The hackers proceeded to post full-frontal naked pictures of her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, on her page. TMZ reported that the Instagram users tagged in the post were random trolls with only a few photos between them. Selena’s team shared updates about her Instagram account on Twitter, and the account was eventually restored. Justin had previously spoken out about feeling violated by pictures taken of him while he was on vacation. Selena and Justin dated from 2010 to 2015, and she is currently dating The Weeknd, who was Bella Hadid’s ex-boyfriend.

Swift action: Selena's account was immediately taken down and her team have now regained control of it. She is pictured with her former flame Bieber in 2011

Prompt reaction was taken when Selena’s account was swiftly removed, and her team has successfully recovered access to it. A photo of her and her ex-partner Justin Bieber from 2011 was featured.

Hacked: The news came a day after naked photos of Justin appeared on his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez's Instagram account, after it was hacked

Breached: The ones responsible for the unauthorized access posted three unfiltered pictures on Selena’s profile along with a caption saying ‘CHECK OUT THIS GUY, HE’S SO MINISCULE’.

Sorting it: Members of Gomez's team took to Twitter with updates on the situation before the Bad Liar singer's account was fully restored

Organizing the mess: The team of Gomez shared information on Twitter about the issue until the account of the singer was completely recovered.

Back online: Fans helped to spread the word that the situation was being dealt with

After experiencing an online outage, loyal supporters banded together to inform others that the problem was being addressed.

Selena and The Weeknd were both absent from the MTV Video Music Awards held at The Forum. It was expected for them to attend, but they didn’t show up. TMZ reported that The Weeknd didn’t feel like going even though he was announced as a performer and had been nominated for four awards. A source revealed that The Weeknd had been on tour for a long time, and he was experiencing concert fatigue. He had booked the gig before feeling exhausted, and as the show drew closer, he just didn’t feel up to it. He’s about to start another tour, and he won’t take a break until December.

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