“Spreading the Love: Miley Cyrus Promotes Same-Sex Affection at London Concert, Flaunting Union Jack Attire”

Miley Cyrus rocked the stage at London’s O2 Arena on Tuesday night, sporting a provocative Union Jack leotard that brought back memories of Geri Halliwell’s iconic outfit from the 1997 Brit Awards. Fans were in for a treat as the singer began flaunting some sultry moves just 10 minutes into her performance, leaving an indelible mark on the packed crowd.

Shocking: Miley Cyrus wore a series of raunchy outfits during the first London night of her Bangerz tour on Tuesday - including this Union Jack embellished leotard

Miley Cyrus’ fans were in for a shock when the singer donned a series of revealing costumes during the debut of her Bangerz tour in London. Among the bold ensembles that stood out was a bedazzled leotard boasting the iconic Union Jack pattern.

Flying the flag: She appeared to be paying tribute to Spice Girl Geri Halliwell in the iconic looking outfit

Flying the flag: She appeared to be paying tribute to Spice Girl Geri Halliwell in the iconic looking outfit

In honor of Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, the singer rocked a classic ensemble featuring a short dress, cowboy hat, and eye-catching red and silver cowboy boots. With her sultry dance moves, the singer added a bit of seductiveness to her overall appearance. To fully embody the look, she topped off her Pixie cut hairstyle with a blonde bob wig.

Disco diva: Miley threw some serious shapes in the bottom-skimming number

Miley exhibited her dancing skills in a cute mini dress, showcasing her affinity for disco tunes. Her moves were so vibrant that it appeared as if she could conquer any dance floor challenge with ease.

Shocking: Miley did not shy from controversy during the show in which she swore and donned a series of raunchy looks

Miley Cyrus made quite a scene during her performance by not shying away from controversy. She opted for profanity and donned numerous daring outfits.

Tribute: The singer wore a blonde wig under the cowboy hat for the uplifting performance

During a recent performance, the singer made a powerful impression on her audience by wearing a blonde wig under her cowboy hat. As confirmed by a trustworthy source, Miley Cyrus ensured that she stayed hydrated during the show by drinking water, but playfully sprayed it on her fans while encouraging them to engage in same-sex kissing. The source reported that the singer spoke passionately to the crowd about the importance of staying true to oneself and even expressed her desire for them to let loose and have fun. However, there was a minor wardrobe malfunction during the performance when the singer’s corset came undone, requiring her dressers to quickly rush onstage to fix it.

She hasn't changed: Miley performs provocative moves onstage at London's O2 arena

Miley Cyrus proves that she’s still unapologetically herself as she wows the crowd with her daring moves at the O2 arena in London. Her signature provocative style remains intact, and it’s clear that she’s not changing for anyone.

They were warned: Miley has the phrase 'Parental Advisory Explicit Content' projected onto the stage

Before Miley’s performance, her fans were given a warning with the message ‘Parental Advisory Explicit Content’ shown on the stage.

Social networking: Several fans also took to Twitter to discuss references made to drugs during the show

A multitude of fans took to Twitter to express their opinions on drug-related statements made during the concert. One enthusiastic attendee tweeted, stating that they were unsure whether the most memorable moment was when the performer encouraged the audience to smoke cannabis or when she threw dollar bills into the crowd. The hashtag #BangerzTour was included in the post.

Party hard: There was no trace of Hannah Montana in her performance

Unleashed: The show of Hannah Montana didn’t feature the character herself.

She likes the high life: Miley wore Marijuana leaf shades with a gold chain to match

It appears that Miley Cyrus takes pleasure in the lavish way of life, as shown by the stylish accessory she was wearing. She wore a set of shades displaying the recognizable design of the Marijuana leaf, which she matched with a gold chain to complete the look.

Bum deal: Miley couldn't seem to resist flashing her derriere to her audience

It was quite disappointing to see Miley’s eagerness to flaunt her posterior to her fans.

Injured: Miley said on stage hat she had sprained her foot during her stint in hospital

During her performance, Miley disclosed that she had sprained her foot during her time in the hospital. She also opened up about how her struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder led her to accidentally hurt herself more while being ill.

Still with the tongue: Miley took a selfie onstage during the gig

During a live performance, Miley Cyrus captured a photograph of herself by extending her tongue outwards.

Working out: No doubt the singer's regime helps to keep her fit and in shape

Keeping fit: It’s clear that the singer’s exercise regimen plays a vital role in keeping her body healthy and looking great.

She's not shy: The singer once again flashed her bottom to the crowds

The artist bravely showcased her behind to the crowd once again, proving that she is not shy or timid.

Where did she get those? The singer was sporting a pair of furry baggy trousers which she teamed with a halter neck top

I can’t help but ponder where she found those fluffy oversized pants. They truly suited her and went perfectly with a halter top.

Ringing the changes: The singer watched a romantic couple kiss on a large screen

During the singer’s performance, a huge screen displayed a romantic couple kissing, which grabbed everyone’s attention. One social media user, @flendog_, shared Miley’s statement about how weed has never resulted in any deaths. This comment delighted a few teenage fans who were present at the concert. However, some audience members left early due to Miley’s on-stage behavior. @Essex_Girlie, another Twitter user, revealed that her ex-colleague also walked out of the show because they found Miley’s conduct inappropriate and offensive.

Provocative: Cyrus asks fans 'to kiss members of the same sex and take pills' during first London show

The debut London concert of Cyrus has sparked controversy as she encouraged the audience to engage in same-sex kissing and pill-taking.

Her tongue slide: Miley changed into another leotard, this time as a tribute to her mouth

Miley decided to switch her leotard and opted for a new one that highlighted her iconic tongue as it effortlessly slithered out.

Her crew: Miley is surrounded by gingham wearing dancers

Miley has a group of dancers who wear outfits made of gingham fabric.

Raunchy: Looks like someone threw a bra at Miley for her to play with

Interesting: It seems like Miley Cyrus has been given a bra to play around with.

Paying lip service: Miley strutted her stuff in her wacky leotard

With confidence, Miley flaunted her distinctive taste in fashion by sporting a quirky leotard.

Tut tut! Miley pretended to smoke on stage - as she continued to be controversial

Oops! Miley Cyrus gave the impression that she was smoking while on stage, staying true to her image of being daring and attention-grabbing.

Up close: She was seen getting to grips with a busty backing dancer, who was dressed in a sparkly red corset

As I watched, I noticed that she was getting to know a backup dancer who had a curvy figure and was wearing a shiny red corset. However, most of the people at the event seemed to be having a great time, as evidenced by @LMirren’s tweet: “Miley Cyrus was absolutely amazing! Despite being some of the oldest people at the O2, we had a blast! Meeting her was a delight, and Miley is genuinely kind!” Lily Allen also made the journey from New York to London to see Miley perform at The O2, and it looked like she hopped on a motorcycle from Heathrow airport to get there.

Less pie, more hotdog in the sky: Miley arrived on stage while riding a humungous version of the fast food treat while dressed in a fluffy yellow coat

Miley’s entrance on stage was nothing short of epic as she rode a giant hotdog through the air, leaving behind her usual pie references. Her unique fashion sense was on full display as she rocked a fluffy yellow coat that added an extra touch of quirkiness to her performance.

Enjoying the ride: Luckily she did not appear to be afraid of heights

Enjoying the ride: Luckily, she appeared to be unafraid of heights.

Flying high: The star descended above the crowds on the giant sausage

In a spectacular manner, Miley Cyrus made an entrance by descending from the sky on a massive sausage, much to the joy of her fans. Amongst them was Lily, who shared her enthusiasm on Twitter post-show. Likewise, designer Henry Holland was in attendance, and he captured some amazing photos of the unforgettable event.

Racy: At one point she is seen writhing around with a number of dancers  while dressed in a sequinned leotard

In one particular moment, she can be spotted gracefully dancing alongside a team of performers, wearing a stunning and shimmering leotard that adds to the allure of her movements.

Didn't take her long! Miley ditches her feathered skirt to reveal another leotard

Didn't take her long! Miley ditches her feathered skirt to reveal another leotard

Miley Cyrus definitely knows how to switch up her wardrobe in a flash! She recently ditched her feathered skirt and rocked a different leotard.

Bare-ly there! Miley looked pretty pleased with herself as she started to take off more and more of her outfit

Bare-ly there! Miley looked pretty pleased with herself as she started to take off more and more of her outfit

As Miley started removing her clothes one by one, it seemed like she was completely satisfied with her choice as she didn’t show any signs of discomfort. With each layer of clothing that came off, more and more of her skin became visible to the onlookers.

Lemon-aid: The singer did well to stay in her plunging embellished leotard as she bounded around the stage

The artist exhibited remarkable flexibility while hopping vivaciously on the stage. She skillfully maintained her stunning leotard, which boasted a low-cut neckline and intricate decorations.

Jumping for joy: The star made some moves on stage to rapturous applause from her backing dancers

The audience was thrilled as the artist showcased her exceptional dance skills on the stage. Her backup dancers cheered her on, and the crowd responded with enthusiastic applause. The performer was visibly elated by their reaction.

Ready for bed: Miley posed saucily with her leg in the air as she continued to shock her fans

Miley Cyrus opted for a different mode of transportation on her way to The O2 Arena in London for her performance. Instead of the usual London Underground, she and her team took a boat to reach the music venue. Miley looked happy and relaxed as she walked along the docks, dressed in stylish red leather pants and trendy matching shades. As expected from Miley, she added a playful touch by posing with her leg up in a sassy manner, leaving her fans surprised yet again.

She's not shy: Miley was loving the sequins and the glitter

Miley exhibited her boldness by embracing the dazzling charm of sequins and glitters.

Help! The star appeared to have a wardrobe malfunction at one point as a stylist came to her rescue

Help! The star appeared to have a wardrobe malfunction at one point as a stylist came to her rescue

Uh-oh! Looks like the famous personality encountered a clothing mishap and required the aid of a fashion expert.

Such a professional: Of course she took the faux pas in her stride as she carried on singing regardless

Such a professional: Of course she took the faux pas in her stride as she carried on singing regardless

She demonstrated her professionalism by flawlessly carrying on with her singing performance despite the error, showcasing her composure and confidence.

Oo-er! She grappled with one of her backing dancers on the bed in another shocking moment

Oh my goodness! Once again, she has left us stunned with another unexpected move. This time, she was spotted playfully wrestling with one of her backup dancers on the bed.

There were six in the bed... The pair soon had company

A group of six people were comfortably nestled in bed, but soon, two more individuals hopped in. One person was sporting a green khaki jacket and carrying a camo bag, while the other had a black and white backpack securely fastened to their back. Sadly, the kick-off for her European Bangerz tour had to be postponed because she had to be hospitalized for an allergic reaction to antibiotics.

In a rush: Lily Allen arrived back to London from New York to attend Miley's London concert

Quickly: Lily Allen rushed back to London from her trip to New York just to watch Miley’s show in the city.

Ready to party: The singer jumped on the back seat of motorcycle to get to the O2 in time

Ready to party: The singer jumped on the back seat of motorcycle to get to the O2 in time

Ready for the party: The singer decided to ride on the back of a motorcycle to make it to the O2 arena on time.

Easy rider: Lily tweeted a pic from the back of the bike on her way there

Lily uploaded a picture on Twitter where she can be seen riding pillion on a motorcycle going towards her destination. It seemed like she was having a great time during the ride.

Off she goes: Miley Cyrus takes a boat to The O2 arena ahead of her first London show

As she gets ready for her first-ever London show, Miley Cyrus is all set to rock The O2 arena.

Swift: The singer beat the traffic by taking to the River Thames

Swift was able to bypass the crowded streets by choosing an alternative means of travel – the waterway known as the River Thames.

Coordinated: Miley matched her red and camouflage bag to her green khaki jacket, red sunglasses and leather trousers

Coordinated: Miley matched her red and camouflage bag to her green khaki jacket, red sunglasses and leather trousers

Miley looked effortlessly stylish with her choice of clothing, as her red and camouflage bag matched perfectly with her green khaki jacket, leather pants, and striking red sunglasses.

Entourage: Miley and her team travelled by boat to the arena on Tuesday

On Tuesday, Miley and her companions opted for a boating adventure to reach their destination.

Feeling better: The singer has recovered after falling ill and cancelling a few shows

Exciting update! The renowned vocalist is feeling exceptionally well and is prepared to continue with her Bangerz world tour. After enduring a decline in her wellbeing, she had to cancel several performances and rearrange her schedule. In a recent disclosure, she confessed that her ailment instilled fear in her when she woke up one morning with severe symptoms. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that she had taken medicine she was highly allergic to, resulting in respiratory troubles and skin irritations. Nevertheless, she has since recovered and is eager to return to the limelight!

Private: The singer and her team got a boat to themselves on the river way

Classified information: The female singer and her team had a pleasant cruise down the river on a boat that was exclusively reserved for them, with no other individuals present.

'I don't drink': Miley claims she has been on a 'high of vitamins' on her tour

Miley has revealed that she has been keeping up her energy levels during her tour by taking vitamins instead of drinking alcohol. She shared that she has been abstaining from alcohol and sticking to her vitamin regimen.

'Going croque monsieur': Miley Cyrus stages a backstage diva tantrum on a new Instagram video on the singer's account

Miley Cyrus revealed her more glamorous side in a new Instagram video, where she shared some behind-the-scenes moments while making a croque monsieur dish.

Miley just being Miley! Cyrus is seen throwing flowers and water around backstage in a new video

In a recent visual, Miley Cyrus was observed being her typical self, tossing flowers and water around the backstage region.

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