“The Amazing Metamorphosis of an Iranian Woman: Her Striking Resemblance to Angelina Jolie Raises Eyebrows with Rumors of Multiple Surgeries”

Sahar Tabar from Tehran, Iran is a massive fan of Angelina Jolie and has gained immense popularity on social media by posting pictures of herself trying to emulate the Hollywood star. Her Instagram is filled with images where she can be seen with razor-sharp cheekbones and plump pout that resemble Angelina’s features, albeit in a much more extreme version. It has been reported by Belgian media that Sahar has undergone 50 procedures to look like her idol, but her fans argue that these incredible looks are created through makeup and prosthetics. However, not all of her 318,000 followers on Instagram have responded positively as some have compared her to a ‘zombie’ or a ‘corpse’.

A young woman named Sahar Tabar has been getting a lot of attention on Instagram for her pictures where she appears to have features resembling those of Angelina Jolie, including prominent cheekbones and full lips. She reportedly has the desire to look like the Hollywood actress and has undergone multiple procedures along with losing a considerable amount of weight in order to achieve this goal. Her pictures have generated a lot of discussion among her Instagram followers, with some expressing that she looks like a “zombie” or that her images make them feel unwell.

It’s no secret that she’s a big fan of Angelina Jolie and is going all out to replicate her look.

There are those who are not particularly awed by her, and a few of her admirers have likened her to an undead being or a lifeless body.

Notwithstanding the criticism thrown her way, she persists in posting photos on Instagram. Nonetheless, rumors abound that her distinctive looks are the product of both cosmetic procedures and expertly applied makeup. In certain snapshots, her nose and cheekbones appear to have shifted position, and her lips fluctuate in thickness. To add to the intrigue, there’s a video circulating where she lacks the defining nose and cheekbones, though this may have been filmed prior to her makeover.

In just a few months, it appears that Sahar’s look has undergone a drastic change. However, there are those who contend that her new appearance is merely the result of makeup and prosthetics.

According to reports, she was able to shed off a whopping 40 kilograms during her surgical procedure.

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