“The Reign of Miley Cyrus: Her Bold Performance and Latest Ink at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards”

During the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, Miley Cyrus was not held back by her recent breakup from Liam Hemsworth. She used her appearance to debut a new tattoo and perform her break-up song “Slide Away” with passion. It was her first public appearance since news of the separation became known. The tattoo on her arm read, “My head was feeling scared, but my heart was feeling free,” which perfectly encapsulated her current state of mind. Despite almost experiencing a wardrobe malfunction in her small black dress, she left the audience at The Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey awestruck. Following her emotional performance, Miley was spotted sharing a sweet kiss with Kaitlynn, Brody Jenner’s ex-wife.

Awkward! The Wrecking Ball hitmaker narrowly avoided a wardrobe malfunction her tiny black dress following her gig as she flashed sideboob with the garment's daring cut-out sides

Wow, looks like Miley Cyrus almost had a wardrobe malfunction in her little black dress after her performance. The sides of her dress with cut-outs were quite daring and almost revealed more than she intended with some sideboob showing. Even though she is known for her bold fashion choices, on this occasion Miley chose to keep it simple with a sleek black dress paired with wet hair. To add some sparkle to her look, she accessorized with multiple chains, rings, and bracelets. As a surprise addition to the show, Miley definitely made an impression with her outfit.

All in the details: The songstress debuted her fresh inking on her upper arm

Miley Cyrus proudly revealed a new tattoo on her upper arm, which represents her Malibu roots and tenacious nature. She displayed her impressive array of body art in a black dress that showcased her latest break-up tattoo on the inner left arm. The delicate, flowing cursive script features lines from The Pixies’ 1990 song “The Thing,” encapsulating her emotions of fear and freedom. The musician delivered a compelling performance accompanied by a group of string musicians. Her powerful voice resonated throughout the venue, accentuated by striking black and white lighting. In the lyrics, she acknowledges the inevitability of change as one matures and emphasizes the value of moving forward.

Intricate: Miley's latest tattoo piece read: 'My head was feeling scared, but My heart was feeling free', from Pixies' 1990 track The Thing

Miley Cyrus has added a new tattoo to her collection. The design features a line from the song “The Thing” by Pixies, which was released in 1990. The tattoo reads “My head was feeling scared, but My heart was feeling free.” Cyrus seems to be bold with her tattoo choices as the design is quite detailed and intricate.

By her side: Moments after her emotional gig, her new girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter supported her with a 'sweet kiss' backstage, a source has claimed

Next to her was Kaitlynn Carter, who according to reports, gave Miley Cyrus a tender kiss behind the stage after her emotional performance as a show of encouragement. Carter is now known as Cyrus’ girlfriend.

Careful! The former child star risked spilling out of her tiny black dress as she displayed a hint of her chest in the perilously plunging number

Hi, there: She was pictured greeting another artist at the time

Wow! The former child star was quite daring with her wardrobe choice as she displayed a hint of décolletage in her LBD that had an incredibly plunging neckline.

Sing out: Miley appeared stripped down as she saddled up to the microphone wearing a slinky little black dress and wet tresses

As Miley Cyrus stepped towards the mic, her appearance was both elegant and effortless. She was clad in a chic black dress and her hair appeared to be still damp, yet she looked absolutely stunning.

Hear me roar! Cyrus proved her vocal prowess as she belted out the song

Strings and things: A group of string musicians backed her up as Miley sang bittersweet lyrics about moving on

Miley Cyrus displayed her impressive vocal range during a recent performance, while her new girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter tried to keep a low profile in a large blazer over a white t-shirt and blue jeans. Despite not appearing on the red carpet, the couple reportedly engaged in PDA backstage and were seen kissing before Miley’s performance. The two were later spotted enjoying a night out with Miley’s mother at a club in Manhattan. This follows their previous PDA-filled holiday in Italy earlier this month.

Tough cookie: Hinting at her Malibu roots and fighting spirit, Miley added a shark tooth necklace as she struck a bold pose at the event

All that glitters: Her makeup featured just a hint of shimmer on her lids, giving it the perfect amount a stage presence

Miley Cyrus displayed her resilience and strong connection to her roots in Malibu as she confidently posed for an event while wearing a unique shark tooth necklace.

Single ladies: Blogger Kaitlynn, 30, is in the midst of her own split with The Hills star Brody Jenner, 36

Kaitlynn, a 30-year-old blogger, is currently dealing with the end of her relationship with Brody Jenner, who is a 36-year-old star on The Hills. As a single woman, she is navigating through this difficult time.

Simple: Carter tried to keep a low profile donning a big blazer over a white tee shirt and blue jeans as she escorted her new gal pal

Carter tried to blend in by wearing a loose-fitting blazer over a simple white shirt and blue jeans as she went out with her new female companion.

Hot and heavy: Miley and Kaitlynn were seen packing on the PDA during a vacation to Italy earlier this month, above

Miley and Kaitlynn were seen indulging in passionate public displays of affection while vacationing in Italy.

Splits: Miley shocked fans when her separation from screen star Liam was announced earlier this month after just under a year of marriage (pictured together in March 2018)

Break-up: Kaitlynn and reality star Brody, 36, called it quits after tying the knot in an intimate wedding last year (pictured together in June 2015)

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have called it quits after just one year of their wedding, while Kaitlynn Carter and Brody Jenner ended their marriage shortly after their intimate wedding ceremony last year.

Recently, the Tennessee-born singer surprised her fans when she was spotted leaving a fancy event with her new girlfriend. The two were seen holding hands and carrying a Ralph Lauren Mini RL50 handbag. They both wore white t-shirts and jeans, with the iconic blonde hair, although their styles had some minor differences. Miley wore square-toed boots with ripped straight jeans, along with a mini top that showed off her toned abs. She completed the look with a Fendi jacket in a neutral shade and a large brown fedora hat. Meanwhile, Kaitlynn from reality TV opted for light-washed skinny jeans, pink sneakers, and a plain white tee. She wore a grey and black houndstooth jacket over her shoulders to complete her outfit.

In good company: Later into the evening, the smitten couple joined Miley's mother Tish Cyrus as they partied at Up and Down Nightclub in Manhattan

The smitten duo decided to extend their fun time together by joining Miley’s mother, Tish Cyrus, for a night out at the Up and Down Nightclub in Manhattan. They were all enjoying each other’s company and having a great time.

Hand-in-hand: The Tennessee native made a quick outfit change before leaving the event holding hands with her new girlfriend

Close: The couple appeared more loved-up as ever before as they put on a cosy display following the superstar's gig

The lady from Tennessee and her newly found partner decided to leave the event hand in hand after she quickly changed her outfit.

Holding on: Manager Tish, 52, looked animated as she appeared to reach out for a crew member's hand while joined by the new couple

Taking hold of someone’s hand, Tish, the manager who is in her fifties, appeared to be full of energy as she was seen socializing with a newly arrived couple.

Co-ordination: The duo were dressed to match as they headed inside, both pairing jeans and white tee-shirts with their iconic blonde hair

All in the details: Miley complemented her ensemble with a Ralph Lauren Mini RL50 handbag

As the duo made their way into the venue, they were donning a similar attire consisting of matching jeans, white t-shirts, and their signature blonde locks. Miley added to her look with a Ralph Lauren Mini RL50 purse. In contrast, Taylor Swift opened the show wearing a striking ensemble, performing her hit single “You Need To Calm Down” in a sparkling gold bodysuit and shorts, coupled with silver boots. Her backup dancers wowed the crowd with their impressive moves, representing varied cultures. The stage created a vibrant atmosphere by featuring a rainbow background and holograms of the lyrics, endorsing its theme of love and inclusivity.

Keep calm and carry on: Taylor Swift kicked off the top of the show in technicolor style with a rendition of You Need To Calm Down

Stay calm and carry on: Taylor Swift kicked off the event with an energetic rendition of her hit track, “You Need To Calm Down.”

Supporting cast: As Taylor performed, a diverse team of backup dancers shimmied and shook it off behind her

Supporting cast: As Taylor performed, a diverse team of backup dancers shimmied and shook it off behind her

Taylor’s performance was supported by a team of dancers with diverse experiences, who moved and danced in the background.

Pop princess: The country-crossover was in full pop star attire as she teamed a gold lame bodysuit with a sparkling pair of hot pants and little silver ankle boots

The singer appeared breathtaking in her fusion of country and pop fashion, donning a lustrous gold jumpsuit accompanied by a glittery pair of shorts, and accentuating the ensemble with metallic ankle boots.

Loved up: Then she took the stage with her guitar to perform the lead track of her new album Lover

Enamored: Later on, she took to the stage with her faithful guitar and delivered a dazzling performance of the title track from her newest album, Lover.

Sending a message: T. Swift sent her point home as the words 'Equality Act' spanned across the screens as she closed the song

As Taylor Swift reached the end of her song, she sent a powerful message by displaying the words ‘Equality Act’ on the screens. She urged her fans to support this legislation by signing a petition during her acceptance speech. Later, she performed the title track of her newest album, “Lover,” with her guitar in hand. Meanwhile, Shawn Mendes captured the audience’s attention with his charming performance of “If I Can’t Have You.” His guitar playing was accompanied by a stunning display of watercolor lights, while his backup band kept the rhythm. At one point, he slung his guitar over his back and turned the mic towards the crowd, who enthusiastically sang along. The audience went wild as Shawn hit the high notes with his falsetto.

Canadian charmer: Shawn Mendes couldn't help but charm audiences as he regaled audiences with his song If I Can't Have You

Shawn Mendes mesmerized his fans during his rendition of the hit song “If I Can’t Have You” and displayed his irresistible charisma as a musician hailing from Canada.

While my guitar gently weeps... The Canadian crooner strummed the guitar while a wash of watercolor lights swirled behind his backup band

As the Canadian musician took to the stage, his nimble fingers plucked at the strings of his guitar, producing a haunting melody that tugged at the heartstrings. Meanwhile, in the background, a mesmerizing blend of watercolor lights swirled and danced, adding to the ambiance of the performance.

On the other hand, Lizzo captivated the crowd with a medley of her popular songs, backed by a colossal statue of a shapely posterior. She began with a soulful rendition of “Truth Hurts,” donning a stylish coat that accentuated her curves. All eyes were on her as she crooned the powerful lyrics and strutted across the platform with confidence and sass, igniting the audience in the process.

Owning the stage: Lizzo got the crowd going as she performed a medley of her anthems

Lizzo commanded the stage, captivating the audience with her dynamic performance that seamlessly blended multiple popular tracks into a medley. The crowd was energized and moved to their feet by her magnetic presence.

Star power: All eyes were on the songstress as she bellowed the track's empowering lyrics while dancing around stage full of sass

As the female singer took center stage, all eyes were drawn to her as she belted out the empowering lyrics of the song with unwavering confidence. Her impressive dance moves only added to the bold and fierce attitude that she exuded on stage.

Peachy! The singer performed in front of a giant statue of a bodacious backside

That’s amazing! The singer performed a concert in front of a colossal statue of a curvy buttocks.

Back it up! While Lizzo was center-stage, a team of backup dancers went off in the background, turning around to show off some booty-baring thong leggings

Backing up Lizzo’s performance were her backup dancers who were the highlight of the show with their impressive dance moves and daring thong leggings. During her rendition of “Good As Hell,” Lizzo removed her coat to reveal a dazzling neon suit that matched the lively energy of her dancers, who were donning leotards with cloud patterns. Undoubtedly, the rising star was a formidable presence, and her proficient team of dancers only amplified the electrifying performance.

Like sunshine: She threw off her coat to reveal a sparkling neon suit as she sailed into her track Good As Hell

Lizzo appeared on stage in a bright and eye-catching neon suit, radiating positivity as she kicked off her performance with the hit track “Good As Hell”. Midway through the song, she made a reference to tequila and was handed a bedazzled bottle, which she eagerly took a swig from. Interrupting her own performance, Lizzo spoke directly to the audience and expressed her frustration with the prevalence of false pretenses, inviting everyone to join her in embracing self-love and feeling amazing. She acknowledged the challenges that come with loving oneself in a world that doesn’t always reciprocate that love, before launching back into the catchy chorus of her song.

Feeling good? Lizzo stopped the track to talk to the crowd, telling audiences 'I'm tired of the bulls***' before inviting them to feel 'Good as hell' with her

Hey there, how are you all doing? Lizzo recently took a break from her music to talk to her audience about the negative vibes floating around and how it affects us. She then invited everyone to join her in feeling amazing by singing along to her hit song “Good as hell.”

Sip it up: After name checking tequila, one of her dancer passed off a bedazzled bottle, from which she took a huge swig

During her show, she made a reference to tequila and one of her dancers handed her a sparkly bottle. She proceeded to take a large gulp from it.

The Jonas Brothers surprised their fans with a performance at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey. The trio looked like true rock stars in their ripped denim and leather attire as they belted out their popular tune, Sucker. They engaged with the audience by high-fiving and flashing smiles as they maneuvered through the jam-packed venue. Fans anxiously waited outside and erupted into screams as the band made their way out to greet them. It was an exhilarating experience for all those in attendance.

Jersey Boys: The Jonas Brothers gave fans the thrill of a lifetime with a surprise performance of from The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey

The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey was where the Jonas Brothers pleasantly shocked their supporters with a remarkable show. It was an exhilarating experience for the elated crowd.

Rock and roll high school: The trio looked like they were going for full rock star glory, sporting classic combos of ripped denim and tough leather

As they took to the stage, the three-piece band exuded an air of confidence and readiness to conquer the world. They were clad in classic attire, comprising distressed denim and sturdy leather apparel. Oblivious to the throngs of fans clamoring for their attention, the band settled onto an open-air platform. With distant fireworks lighting up the sky, they kicked off their performance with a lively rendition of Only Human. Joe and Nick assumed vocal duties while Kevin wowed the crowd with his impressive guitar shredding skills.

Gnar: While Joe and Nick held down the vocals, Kevin shredded on guitar

Joe and Nick were in charge of the microphone while Kevin played the guitar, and the audience was thrilled when Lil Nas X joined them on stage. Billy Ray Cyrus gave him a warm introduction, and the openly gay artist chose to perform his latest song, Panini, instead of his previous hit, Old Town Road. Before the performance, he joked about the many remixes of his previous song. Nonetheless, he wowed the audience with his dynamic performance and showed why he is a rising star.

His first VMAs: Lil Nas X took the stage after a warm intro from songmate Billy Ray Cyrus

Lil Nas X made his first appearance at the VMAs and was greeted on stage by a touching introduction from fellow musician Billy Ray Cyrus.

Sandwich song: Instead of his summer ear worm Old Town Road, he performed new track Panini

The musician made a bold move and introduced a new song to his audience instead of the well-known summer anthem, Old Town Road. He went for his latest track, Panini, which generated excitement and got everyone grooving. Lil Nas X showed up in a trendy outfit that resembled a costume worn by the Power Rangers and was joined by a group of dancers with a futuristic look. His iridescent white suit had a chrome breastplate and shoulder pads, elevating his overall appearance. The backdrop featured the city landscape from his album cover, creating a futuristic vibe. Lil Nas X highlighted his ability to mix different genres by incorporating pop star choreography with his backup dancers.

It's morphin' time: Surrounded by a robotic looking squad of dancers, Lil Nas X looked Power Ranger chic in an iridescent white suit with a chrome breast plate and shoulder pads

It’s time for a transformation as Lil Nas X was accompanied by a team of dancers that resembled mechanical beings while he himself resembled a stylish version of Power Rangers. Sporting an iridescent white attire with chrome breastplate and shoulder pads, he looked nothing short of incredible.

Master mixer: Proving he could blend whatever genres he wants, Lil Nas X broke into full pop star choreography with his backup dancers

Lil Nas X has demonstrated his exceptional mixing abilities, showcasing his talent for combining different genres. During his latest performance, the artist displayed his full potential as a pop star, wowing the audience with his perfectly executed dance moves alongside his backup dancers.

Guest of honor: One of the evening's highlights was Missy Elliot's performance in honor of her Video Vanguard award

Missy Elliot’s award recognition was without a doubt one of the night’s most thrilling moments. Her outstanding performance was memorable and will continue to be talked about for a long time to come.

Space case: The superstar rapper/producer slipped into an all silver look as she performed her new track Throw It Back surrounded by a space age looking group of dancers with platinum braids

Missy Elliot, a renowned rapper and producer, put on a stellar performance in a silver outfit for her latest hit “Throw It Back.” She was accompanied by a group of dancers with platinum braids, creating a futuristic atmosphere. Elliot’s tribute performance received much attention, especially after she received the Video Vanguard award. The performance began with Elliot’s signature all-silver outfit, and as the song progressed, the dancers showcased their wigs before transitioning to The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly). Elliot’s iconic plastic bag look from her 1997 music video was embraced, and backup dancers wore umbrella hats. The entire performance highlighted Elliot’s immense talent and impact on music.

Flying high: The song pivoted to The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly), seeing Elliot jump into the iconic plastic bag look from the 1997 video

The melody changed to The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) and Elliott appeared wearing her iconic plastic bag costume which was first seen in the music video released in 1997.

Boot camp: Dancers suited up in camo and spikes as Missy spat out the rapid fire lyrics to Get Ur Freak On

Missy Elliott’s performance was a thrilling spectacle, with dancers donning camouflage and spiked helmets to accompany her as she rapidly rapped Get Ur Freak On’s lyrics. The show had an unexpected twist with the addition of contortionists on stage. Work It started with an acrobatic display from two breakdancers dressed in bright yellow sweatsuits, one of whom was none other than Alyson Stoner, who had previously appeared as a young dancer in the original music video. Pass That Dutch saw the stage transformed into a cornfield, with Missy at the center as a scarecrow. The final song, Lose Control, saw Missy wearing a classic black and gold tracksuit. The entire performance was full of surprises, which kept the audience entertained and engaged throughout.

If I only had a brain... The center of the stage lifted up to reveal a corn field in the center as Missy rose up in the center to sing Pass That Dutch dressed like a scarecrow

The crowd was in for a treat when the spotlight illuminated the stage, revealing a stunning cornfield as the centerpiece of the platform. Missy appeared in the midst of the corn, dressed as a scarecrow, ready to perform her popular track Pass That Dutch. The setup was truly impressive, leaving the audience in awe.

Control freak: She finished the performance by performing Lose Control in a classic black and gold tracksuit

Wow: The award-winning musician later switched into a leather bedazzled two-piece

The young lady who enjoys being in command concluded her performance by singing Lose Control while sporting a stylish tracksuit in black and gold.

Heating things up: Hot new couple Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello proved their chemistry was the real thing during the very first live performance of Senorita

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, who are the latest celebrity couple, set the stage on fire with their first live performance of “Senorita,” which sparked a romance that was impossible to ignore.

Harmony: The duo took the candle lit stage, gazing into each other eyes as they crooned the dreamy ballad

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello gave a breathtaking performance of their hit song “Senorita”. The chemistry between the two was undeniable, creating a romantic atmosphere on stage. The duo performed under the warm glow of candlelight, emanating a dreamy vibe.

Shawn took on the role of an old-school heartthrob, wearing a white tank top that accentuated his muscular arms. Camila looked equally stunning, appearing ethereal in a netted cream skirt and top adorned with shiny sequins.

The performance was filled with intimate moments, such as when the couple almost shared a steamy kiss on stage. However, they held back, leaving the audience yearning for more as the song came to an end.

Close: The pair teased the crowd, leaning in to almost share a steamy kiss on stage

The pair teasingly teased the spectators, getting closer as if they were about to engage in a steamy kiss while on stage.

Nope! The couple stopped short of touching lips and instead left the crowd wanting more as the song came to a close

The couple chose to tease their audience instead of giving them what they wanted by not kissing and stopping their movements as the song finished. Rosalia, a talented singer from Spain, enchanted the crowd with her stunning vocals, while also showcasing her fashion sense in a dress adorned with rhinestones. She later changed into a sultry bustier outfit and thigh-high latex boots with attached garters. Ozuna, a Latin musician, also joined her on stage during the performance of their hit collaboration “Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi.”

Drama: Spanish songstress Rosalia showcased her vocal talents as she stepped into the spotlight wearing a custom-made Burberry black velvet and satin duvet cape

The audience was captivated by Rosalia’s performance as she showcased her beautiful singing voice and unique fashion sense. She wore a one-of-a-kind Burberry outfit, crafted from a blend of luxurious black velvet and satin duvet cape material, which made her stand out on stage.

Sultry: Quickly, she slipped off the sparkling shell to reveal a slinky black velvet and mesh corset top,  a black sheer-jersey leotard, black sheer-jersey pant and knee-length black socks

H.E.R., a talented singer, musician, and producer, made a swift move as she ditched her sparkling attire and donned a sleek black velvet and mesh corset top. She further complemented the look by wearing a sheer-jersey leotard, pants, and knee-length socks, which were quite appealing. During the awards ceremony, the singer revealed her latest track titled Anti. To start the show, she posed in front of an imitation magazine cover before joining her band. In the song, H.E.R. sang about the difficulties of conforming to societal norms, captivating the audience with her performance as she slowly ascended towards the ceiling. The highlight of her performance came when she picked up her guitar and showcased her impressive soloing abilities.

Premiere: Songstress/multi-instrumentalist H.E.R. debuted her new song Anti at the awards

The awards event was graced by the charismatic H.E.R who gave a stunning performance of her latest album, Anti. The multi-talented artist mesmerized the audience with her exceptional singing and instrumental skills while showcasing her new track.

Cover girl: She started off the track posing in front of a faux magazine cover before joining her backing band

The female star of the event struck a confident pose in front of a magazine-style backdrop before launching into her performance. She later joined her back-up musicians to continue captivating the audience.

Following H.E.R.’s act, Normani took center stage and transformed it into a basketball court to showcase her latest hit single, Motivation. The former member of Fifth Harmony channeled a retro 2000s vibe by wearing a fashionable purple velour skirt and cropped zip-up hoodie. Despite exuding full-on pop princess energy, Normani was joined on stage by a group of female dancers who moved flawlessly in synchrony with her performance.

Hoop dreams: H.E.R. was followed up with by Normani, who transformed the stage into a basketball court as she performed her hot new track Motivation

Fans of basketball were treated to an amazing performance by Normani, following H.E.R. She sang her hit song “Motivation” while being backed by a backdrop that resembled a basketball court. The atmosphere was vibrant and thrilling, adding to the excitement of the show.

Pretty in purple: The former Fifth Harmonizer was in full 2000s throwback mode, donning a pretty purple velour skirt with a cropped zip-up hoodie.

Rocking a lavender outfit: The former member of Fifth Harmony flaunted her fashion sense by donning a full-on 2000s look. She effortlessly matched a gorgeous velvety purple skirt with a cropped zip-up hoodie, creating a trendy ensemble.

Boys, boys, boys: Normani got flirty as she was joined by several shirtless male dancers

Dancing queen: There was no ignoring Normani's dance prowess as she shimmied through some expert choreography before performing a backwards round-off, followed by an impressive pair of splits

Normani had a fun interaction with a bunch of male dancers who were shirtless, before leaving the audience in awe with her acrobatic abilities. She even took off some of her clothing with the help of one of her backup dancers to reveal a crop top that had her birth year, 1996, imprinted on it. The top was matched with shorts that displayed a shiny silver thong. Normani’s dancing was absolutely breathtaking as she performed a series of choreographed steps seamlessly and concluded it with a backward round-off, followed by an impressive split.

Her year: Her second look featured a crop top with 1996 - the pop star's birth year - emblazoned on the front

The clothing item that is being referred to is a top that exposes the midriff and has the year 1996 imprinted on it. This year holds special significance as it is the year of birth of a renowned pop star.

At their show, Big Sean and A$AP Ferg presented their latest song “Berserk” while an artist painted the jumpsuit of one of their dancers live on stage. The jumpsuits were adorned with the words “Harlem” and “Detroit,” representing the hometowns of the two artists. In another performance, J. Balvin and Bad Bunny put up a captivating show for their song “Que Pretendes” with a set decorated with cartoon cacti and other fascinating characters, creating an appearance like they were straight out of a video game.

Collab: Big Sean and A$AP Ferg performed the new track Beserk while a airbrush artist decorated their dancer's jumpsuit right from the stage

Big Sean and A$AP Ferg teamed up to put on an electrifying show for their supporters, delivering a high-energy performance of their recently released song, Beserk. The entertainment was taken up a notch when a live airbrush artist took the stage to paint a dancer’s jumpsuit, adding an extra element of excitement to the already thrilling event.

Toon town: J. Balvin and Bad Bunny looked like they were plucked out of a video game as they performed the track Que Pretendes amid a stage filled with cartoon cacti and other curious characters

J. Balvin and Bad Bunny’s performance at Toon Town was truly amazing. They looked like characters from a video game while they sang their hit song “Que Pretendes” on a stage filled with adorable cartoon cacti and other charming characters.
To end the evening, some of New Jersey’s most iconic musicians gathered for a powerful tribute. Queen Latifah, Naughty by Nature, Redman, Fetty Wap, and Wyclef Jean put on an unforgettable show.
Queen Latifah kicked off her performance with the classic track “U.N.I.T.Y.” and Wyclef Jean made the crowd go wild with “Gone Till November” before putting his own twist on Bob Marley’s timeless “No Woman, No Cry.” Naughty By Nature brought the energy with their crowd-pleaser “Hip Hip Hooray,” and Fetty Wap took us back to 2014 with his hit single “Trap Queen.”

Grand finale! Jersey's own joined forces for the final performance of the evening, which featured a power-packed tribute from Queen Latifah, Naughty by Nature, Redman, Fetty Wap and Wyclef Jean

New Jersey’s most talented artists showcased their abilities in a spectacular performance during the final act of the night. Queen Latifah, Naughty by Nature, Redman, Fetty Wap, and Wyclef Jean came together to create an electrifying tribute that left the audience raving.

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