The Surprising Reason Why Angelina Jolie Almost Turned Down ‘Tomb Raider’ But Ultimately Changed Her Mind

It appears that the reason Jolie had a change of heart in the past is still very significant to her at present.

Angelina Jolie is quite famous for performing most of her stunts in the movies she stars in, and this continues to be true with her latest film, “Those Who Wish Me Dead,” directed by Taylor Sheridan.


In the movie, Jolie portrays Hannah, a smokejumper stationed in the wilderness of Montana. She’s dealing with the grief of losing three boys to a fire she couldn’t save them from. To distance herself from others, she takes on a solo assignment in a fire tower. However, her plan changes when she crosses paths with Connor, played by Finn Little. Connor is on the run from two dangerous killers and seeking refuge. Now, Hannah must assist him in escaping his pursuers while also avoiding a large forest fire heading their way.

In the movie “Those Who Wish Me Dead”, Angelina Jolie had to perform some intense stunts, like jumping off a 60-foot tall fire tower. Recently, I had the chance to interview Jolie about the film and we talked about her passion for doing her own stuntwork. Interestingly, she revealed that she was initially hesitant to take on the role of Lara Croft in the 2001 film “Tomb Raider”, as she didn’t think the character suited her. However, the opportunity to train with the British Military and travel the world convinced her to give it a try. Jolie encourages everyone to challenge themselves and discover their capabilities by signing up for new experiences and pushing themselves to the limit. She believes that there’s always more to discover and some crazy, weird things you can do if you just give it a try.

Check out the newly released trailer for “Those Who Wish Me Dead” starring Angelina Jolie and Tyler Perry. The film promises to be packed with action and suspense as Jolie jumps right into the fiery danger.

In a recent interview, actress Angelina Jolie emphasized the significance of finding a balance between stunts and visual effects in order to maintain authenticity in films. She believes that if a film heavily relies on visual effects, it becomes even more crucial for actors to perform their own stunts to provide a sense of realism that audiences can appreciate. If you’re interested in hearing more from Jolie and her co-star Finn Little about their experience performing stunts in Their Who Wish Me Dead, check out the full interview in the video above.

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