“Unbroken Love: Angelina Jolie’s Heartfelt Speech on Brad Pitt and Their 1940s-Style Letters”

During the world premiere of Unbroken on Monday night, Angelina Jolie shared her feelings about being closer to Brad Pitt since their intimate wedding in France earlier this year. At the press conference for the film at Sydney’s Opera House the following day, Jolie revealed that despite being separated due to work commitments – with Jolie in Australia for Unbroken and Pitt in the UK for Fury – the couple communicated through a classic approach: letter writing. She described their exchange as “1940s-style.”

Angelina Jolie delivers emotional speech about her 'great man' husband Brad Pitt revealing pair penned '1940s style letters' to one another while she filmed Unbroken, pictured at Sydney's Opera House on Tuesday

Angelina Jolie gave a touching speech about her beloved spouse, Brad Pitt, whom she described as a remarkable man. During the time she was filming Unbroken, the couple exchanged love letters in a vintage style reminiscent of the 1940s. The actress shared these intimate details during her appearance at Sydney’s Opera House on Tuesday.

The director, wearing a stylish yet understated grey dress, joined the panel with the film’s stars – Japanese musician Miyavi and British actor Jack O’Connell – as well as producer Matt Baer. During her speech, she spoke passionately about her second directorial project, Unbroken, and how her husband, Oscar-winner Brad, had influenced the film. She explained that his advice was less verbal and more about the example he set as a person. Her emotions were evident as she eloquently spoke about her partner of nearly a decade.

'He is a great man': Angelina spoke of her husband's values and what she's learnt from living with him after the couple presented a united front at the world premiere of Unbroken in Sydney on Monday night

Angelina expressed admiration for her spouse and shared insights gained from living with him during the premiere of Unbroken in Sydney. She spoke fondly of his principles and character, emphasizing how much she has learned from him.

Life partner: Angelina said she's learned a lot about 'great men' from watching her husband with their children and the way he treats her

Life partner: Angelina said she's learned a lot about 'great men' from watching her husband with their children and the way he treats her

Angelina shared that observing her husband with their kids has taught her valuable lessons about what makes a man great.

A vision: The 39-year actress turned director is in Australia to promote her new WWII biopic Unbroken, and talked about how herself and Brad stayed in touch by writing letters to one another during the filming

During her trip to Australia to promote her latest film, WWII biopic Unbroken, Angelina Jolie shared a personal detail about how she and her husband Brad Pitt managed to stay connected during the filming process. The couple wrote letters to each other as a way to maintain their relationship while they were apart. Jolie also spoke about how her knowledge of Pitt’s character and values helped her bring a deeper understanding to her role as a director for this particular film. She believes that Unbroken is a story about the human spirit and hopes that it will remind audiences of the greatness that can be found in men and inspire them to rise up to it.

Brains and beauty: The 39-year-old is filming By The Sea but said she'd love to return to Australia for work 

The actress, who is both intelligent and attractive, is currently working on the movie By The Sea. However, she expressed her desire to come back to Australia for future projects.

Radiant: The mother-of-six joked about learning Australian local slang such as 'no worries' and 'too easy'

Radiant: The mother of six made a playful comment about mastering the Australian lingo, including phrases like ‘no sweat’ and ‘piece of cake’.

'No worries, mate!' The Maleficent star says she became a fan of the local Aussie phrases during her trip 

Angelina Jolie, the Maleficent actress, shared her love for Aussie phrases during her visit to Australia last year. She moved with her partner Brad Pitt and their children, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne, to shoot Unbroken while Brad visited intermittently for his war flick Fury. Angelina picked up some local slang words such as ‘too easy’ and ‘no worries,’ which she loved to hear from her crew during the stressful shoots. She was thrilled to be reunited with the crew members who helped in making the film, and it was important for her to bring back the movie to Australia for the world premiere.

Star line-up: Angelina posed with co-stars Jack O'Connell who plays Louis Zamperini and Mivayi who plays the guard nicknamed 'The Bird'

Angelina Jolie was joined by her fellow cast members, Jack O’Connell and Mivayi, for a star-studded line-up. Jack played the role of Louis Zamperini while Mivayi portrayed the guard known as ‘The Bird’. All three posed for a photo together.

Close: Both Miyavi and Jack spoke of Angelina, the respect they have for her and how she inspires them

Miyavi and Jack expressed their admiration for Angelina and how much they respect her as a person. They also mentioned how she serves as a great source of inspiration for them.

Lorra laughs! The three-timed married beauty has a great relationship with the cast and crew of the film

Lorra finds the situation amusing! As a three-time married individual, she gets along well with the cast and crew of the movie. The biographical film revolves around the story of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner from the World War II era, who was captured by Japanese troops during the conflict. Angelina believes that the movie can teach us a lesson about resilience and endurance, which is needed now more than ever. With all the hate, violence, and war shown in the media, it’s easy to wonder about the future. Will everything be okay? How will we, as a species, take care of each other and rise above the gloom and doom? By making this film, Angelina hopes to instill in people a sense of hope and remind them about the strength of human spirit, brotherhood, and faith. These virtues are what will guide us through the tough times.

United: Jack, Ange, Miyavi and producer Matt Baer have been in the harbour city since Monday to promote the epic flick

Jack, Ange, Miyavi, and producer Matt Baer have been in the city’s harbor since the beginning of the week to market their grand film titled “United.”

Beautiful: The mother-of-six looked stunning in the dove grey wrap dress and nude heels as she posed 

Gorgeous: The mother of six was a sight to behold in her dove grey wrap dress and nude heels, striking a pose that left onlookers in awe.

Best friends: Angelina has spoke passionately about Louis Zamperini the film's star, saying of him 'they say don't meet your heroes because you'll be disappointed but i met mine and he was truly extraordinary'

Angelina has expressed her admiration for Louis Zamperini, the lead actor in the film. She revealed that she was deeply impressed by him and even called him her hero. Despite being warned not to meet one’s heroes due to potential disappointment, Angelina found Louis to be truly extraordinary.

Writing letters from afar: Angelina and Brad were separated for parts of the year while she filmed in Australia, pictured on set, and he shot Fury in the U.K

While Angelina Jolie was filming in Australia and Brad Pitt was shooting Fury in the U.K., they kept in touch through letter writing. Angelina, who directed the film Unbroken, spoke about her admiration for Louis Zamperini, the subject of the movie, referring to him as her “best friend”. She praised his strength and character, but he humbly responded by telling her to make the film to show how extraordinary everyone can be. Despite the saying “don’t meet your heroes,” Angelina found that Louis was truly exceptional.

Street side: The film was shot in New South Wales and Queensland, pictured on Pitt Street during filming in November 2013

The movie was filmed in two Australian states, namely New South Wales and Queensland. One of the scenes took place on Pitt Street in November 2013.

Snappy dresser: Brad, 50, turned out at Monday night's event to show support for his wife and her movie 

Dressed to impress, Brad, who is 50 years old, attended the event on Monday evening to show his support for his wife and her film.

Coming through! Angelina with kids Maddox, 13, Pax, 10, Zahara, 9, Shiloh, 8, Knox, 6 and Vivienne, 6

Look out, here comes Angelina Jolie and her brood! The actress was spotted with her six children in tow: Maddox, who is 13 years old, 10-year-old Pax, Zahara at 9, 8-year-old Shiloh, and 6-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

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