“Unleashing the Wild Side: Miley Cyrus’ Bold and Unconventional Show at Glastonbury Festival 2019”

Miley Cyrus rocked the crowd with her first-ever performance at the prestigious Glastonbury music festival. The talented 26-year-old singer left everyone in awe with her unforgettable gig on the Pyramid Stage at Worthy Farm in Somerset. Her electrifying performance set the stage on fire, and she even turned up the heat by flaunting a part of her bosom when she lifted up her tiny white crop top while performing.

Raunchy! Miley Cyrus, 26, ensured she put on a show to remember as she performed on the Pyramid Stage during Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset on Sunday evening

At the Somerset-based Glastonbury Festival, Miley Cyrus, who is 26 years old, put on an unforgettable performance. Her outfit included black vinyl trousers and chunky high boots that flaunted gold buckles. She also wore a black baker-boy hat and round lens glasses to complete her festival look. To accessorize, the Hannah Montana actress added numerous gold chains, including ones crafted by Dior and Chanel, stacked bangles, and a bling belt. While performing, she continued her provocative display by grabbing her crotch and licking the microphone for her audience.

Style: Miley ensured she looked every inch the sexy star in a pair of vinyl black trousers and thick high boots that featured chunky gold buckles that laced up her pins

When Miley Cyrus hit the streets, she didn’t hold back on showing off her sexy side with a fabulous ensemble. She sported a pair of sleek vinyl pants in a striking black shade, paired with some killer high boots that were chunky and trendy. Her footwear was adorned with fancy gold buckles, making her overall look even more glamorous.

Sizzling: The singer caused the audience to swoon and sent temperatures rising by lifting up her tiny white crop top to partially expose her breast on stage

Cheeky! Miley flahed her under boob as she tantalised the crowd by peeling a corner of her top up

The audience was mesmerized by the sexy performance of the artist. As she sang her popular songs, she moved sensually around the microphone stand, at times teasingly lifting her small white crop top to partially reveal her breast. Her curly hair added to the passion of her act. The show was made more special by the presence of DJ and producer Mark Ronson who joined her on stage for an intimate duet, sharing a microphone and getting up close and personal.

Rock out! The American musician went for it as she slung her microphone wire around

How about we groove to the beat? The American musician was completely immersed in the music as she spun her microphone cable around.

Whip it! The music sensation whipped her crimped hair around whilst belting out her hits

As she belted out her hit songs, the famous singer twirled her crimped hair and exclaimed, “Whip it!” – a phrase that quickly caught on with her fans.

Racy: The Wrecking Ball hitmaker continued her raunchy display by provocatively gyrating on stage and wiggling her hips

Bling: The former Disney Channel actress accessorised with heaps of gold chains as well as a stacks of bangles and a bling belt

Rewritten: The renowned artist who gained fame with the popular song Wrecking Ball continued to captivate audiences with her bold stage presence, as she skillfully swayed her hips in an alluring dance.

Wild! The star used her microphone stand as a prop to dance around

Oh, how amazing was it to see the vocalist incorporating her mic stand in her dance moves! It was truly a remarkable and exhilarating performance.

Risqué: The blonde stuck her tongue out in a provocative manner

Rewritten: With a mischievous grin, the woman with golden locks playfully teased by poking her tongue out. Mark’s impressive guitar skills had the crowd in awe, and his embroidered black shirt with a western-style collar added to his charm. As he took his final bow, the band members exchanged friendly kisses on the cheek. The 57-year-old Billy Ray Cyrus also made a special appearance on stage alongside the lead singer.

On top of the world: At one point, Miley stood atop of a stack of speakers as she entertained her fans

Miley hit the spotlight to please her supporters and eventually ascended a tower of speakers, feeling elated and triumphant.

Side-kick: During her set, she was joined on stage by DJ and producer Mark Ronson, 43

Mark Ronson, a 43-year-old DJ and producer, unexpectedly joined her on stage during her performance. They were companions during the show.

Intimate: The duo intimately sang together as they got up-close and personal whilst sharing a microphone

Comfortable: The two vocalists comfortably blended their voices while leaning in and utilizing a single microphone, resulting in a personal and intimate show.

Pucker up! Before he departed the stage, the friends exchanged cheek kisses.

Be prepared to witness some cheek-kissing action! The country music sensation bid farewell to his fans by sharing a friendly peck with his buddies. His performance was spectacular as he sang alongside his daughter, dressed impeccably in a fringed leather jacket and a cowboy hat. On the other hand, Miley Cyrus teamed up with American rapper Lil Nas X to deliver an unforgettable performance of their chart-topping single, Old Town Road. Despite his young age, Lil Nas X kept it stylish yet straightforward in his denim jacket and white cap, blending his voice seamlessly with the main act.

Family affair: Also taking to the stage with the singer was her dad Billy Ray Cyrus, 57

The performance turned into a delightful family moment as the songstress shared the stage with her 57-year-old father, Billy Ray Cyrus.

Tactile: The Party In The USA hitmaker wrapped her arm around one of her guitarists

The renowned musician, Miley Cyrus, who is famously known for her hit single Party In The USA, was spotted embracing one of the guitarists while performing. She paid homage to Ashley O, a character from the satirical TV show Black Mirror, by wearing the character’s outfit. Miley looked stunning in a lilac wig, sequinned cap, bomber jacket, and knee-high boots as she confidently took to the stage to perform her chart-topping song On A Roll. However, some concert-goers were left surprised by the excessive use of profanity during her performance.

Outraged: Fans were disappointed by the amount of swearing in her performance

Fans were upset and expressed their disappointment over the excessive use of inappropriate language during her performance.

Oops! The potty-mouth star swore numerous times on-stage - much to the dismay of the fans

Oops! The renowned personality got a bit carried away and used quite a bit of foul language during her act, much to the chagrin of some of her admirers. A lot of individuals took to social media platform Twitter, expressing their discontent with the situation by highlighting that there were young ones present in the audience and that using cuss words wasn’t cool. A few even went as far as claiming that they wouldn’t be following the celebrity anymore. Kylie Minogue had already presented an impressive 75-minute music show before this incident occurred at Glastonbury. Miley Cyrus had recently refuted rumors that she and Liam had parted ways by sharing a touching message on their anniversary.

Pals: American rapper Lil Nas X who collaborated with Billy Ray on his single Old Town Road, also stepped in front of the crowd with Miley

Pals: Lil Nas X, the American rapper who collaborated with Billy Ray for his chart-topping single “Old Town Road,” rocked the stage alongside Miley Cyrus to entertain the crowd.

Different look: The actress, who recently appeared in Black Mirror, paid homage to her character Ashley O from the satirical series as she came out in her character's costumer

Pop: She completed the look with a lilac wig, sequined cap, bomber jacket and knee-high boots

The well-known star, who made an appearance on the hit TV show Black Mirror, showed her appreciation for the role of Ashley O by donning her character’s outfit in public. She caught everyone off guard with this unexpected move. To add a touch of humor, she posted a snapshot on Instagram that addressed recent rumors about her relationship status, pointing out how some things remain the same. The post featured a headline announcing “Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Split Rumors.” The couple had been together for almost a decade and tied the knot around the holidays in 2018.

Emotional: Kylie Minogue put on a powerful performance as she took to the Pyramid Stage during the festival before Miley

Candid: The award-winning musician told the crowd: 'In 2005 I was meant to be here. Circumstances meant that I did not make it. I wished things were different, but life is what it is. We are all together in this moment'

Kylie Minogue put on a sensational and emotional performance when she took to the Pyramid Stage at the festival, just before Miley Cyrus took her turn.

Living it up! Festival goers went wild for the performance as they revelled in the phenomenal atmosphere

What a great time! Festival-goers were over the moon about the performance, relishing every moment in the amazing atmosphere.

Just married: Liam and Miley were married around Christmas last year after a tumultuous on-off relationship (pictured together at the G'Day USA Gala in January)

Liam and Miley got hitched during the Christmas festivities of the preceding year, finally putting an end to their tumultuous on-again-off-again romance. A photograph of the lovebirds was snapped at the G’Day USA Gala in January.

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