“Wild Night in NYC: Miley Cyrus Gets Cozy with Rapper Mike Will Made It and Shares Kisses with Girlfriends after Bangerz Album Celebration at 5am”

Miley Cyrus finally had the chance to unwind and enjoy the launch party of her latest album Bangerz in New York after months of intense promotional work. According to reports, the former Hannah Montana actress was seen flirting with different people during the event. Her mother Tish was also present at the celebration. Check out the video below for more details.

Wild: Miley Cyrus poses with a female fan at Bangerz album launch party on Tuesday evening in New York

Miley Cyrus was seen taking a photo with a woman fan during the launch party of her album called “Bangerz,” which was held in New York on Tuesday night. According to sources, Miley arrived fashionably late to the bash at around 12:45 am. DJ Sinatra spun the music in the Jazz Room located inside The General on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. A witness shared that Miley jokingly touched the breasts of one of her blonde female friends and later had some fun with Beachers’ Madhouse performer, Amazon Ashley. During the event, Miley also showed off her raunchy routine and wore pink lingerie to spice things up.

Celebrations: Miley poses near a cake inspired by the artwork of her new album Bangerz

Miley is seen posing beside a cake that takes inspiration from the artwork on her most recent album, Bangerz, as part of her joyful festivities.

Don't mind me: Miley seemed unfazed by the fact she was essentially wearing underwear in public

Don't mind me: Miley seemed unfazed by the fact she was essentially wearing underwear in public

Miley appeared unfazed by the fact that she was essentially donning lingerie in a public setting.

Feeling the heat: After a busy day promoting her album Miley had stripped off by the end of the night

Feeling the Burn: Miley Cyrus had a busy day promoting her latest album, but things really heated up by the end of the night. According to reports, Miley was spotted shedding her clothes and getting cozy with rapper Mike Will Made It, even grinding and kissing his neck while dancing to his song “23”. Surprisingly, when one DJ played Miley’s previous pop hit “Party in the USA”, she didn’t seem too thrilled.

Stripping off: Miley gets down to her underwear at the release party for new album Bangerz at The General in New York

During the album release party for her latest project Bangerz, Miley Cyrus made headlines by making out with an unknown blonde woman while sporting a daring ensemble. The pop star rocked ripped white jeans that showed off her white mesh underwear and a sparkly silver chain necklace. Of course, she didn’t miss her signature pose of sticking out her tongue as she posed for photos with her CD. Later on, she left the event solo just before 5am, carrying a glitzy handbag and being escorted to her vehicle by a friend.

Pink lady: Miley doesn't seem to want to stop shocking people with her outfit choices

Pink Lady: Miley Cyrus seems to have an endless supply of surprises up her sleeve when it comes to her fashion choices.

Feeling hot? Miley Cyrus appeared to be feeling the heat at the release of her album launch on Tuesday

Do you feel the heat? Apparently, Miley Cyrus was also feeling it during the launch of her new album which happened just recently.

The singer poses provocatively as she sucks her thumb at her release party in New York

Tasty: The singer poses provocatively as she attends her release party in New York City while sucking her thumb

Miley Cyrus was spotted striking a bold pose at her release party in New York City while sucking her thumb. The singer also spoke up about Sinead O’Connor when asked about her.

The star posed for photos, flashing her tongue and giving a thumbs to the audience

Great news! The famous personality made an appearance and posed for the camera with a fun gesture of sticking her tongue out and giving a thumbs up to the excited audience.

Miley flashes her tongue while holding her new CD Bangerz at release party

During a release party for her latest album “Bangerz,” Miley Cyrus was spotted having a good time and sticking out her tongue. The young pop star appears to be enjoying the success of her new record, but she also wants to shed her image as a teen performer and establish herself as a serious artist. In order to do so, Miley has chosen to shock people with her appearance rather than solely rely on her music.

Butter wouldn't melt: Miley gives a wholesome smile despite her less than wholesome outfit

Despite her less than ideal attire, Miley’s smile remained genuine as she struggled to move the solid butter.

Hoping for a number one! Miley celebrates the release of her new album Bangerz at Planet Hollywood

Miley Cyrus just dropped her latest album, “Bangerz,” and is crossing her fingers for it to be a hit. In her MTV documentary, “The Movement,” Cyrus made it clear that her new sound isn’t a change of direction as some folks have suggested. She mentioned, “I’m still the same person – my heart hasn’t shifted in the last five years. I haven’t physically changed either.” Given that it’s been two years since her last album, Cyrus is feeling the pressure to make sure “Bangerz” is adored by both her fans and critics.

Miley Cyrus attends her Bangerz record release signing at Planet Hollywood on October 8 in New York City

On October 8th, Miley Cyrus made an appearance at the signing event for her latest Bangz record release at Planet Hollywood in New York City. Her stunning looks were on full display with her incredible abs stealing the show.

Proud mother: Letitia Jean 'Tish' Cyrus arrived at the event to support her daughter's record release

Letitia Jean Cyrus, or Tish Cyrus, attended the event with pride as she supported her daughter’s latest record release.

Setting a better example: Unlike her daughter, 54-year-old Tish dressed for the cool evening in a maroon leather jacket, grey jumper, matching skinny jeans and knee-high black boots

Tisha, a middle-aged woman at 54, donned a maroon leather jacket, grey jumper, matching skinny jeans, and knee-high black boots to battle the cold evening. In contrast to her daughter Miley’s extravagant launch party, which was thrown with no expenses spared and featured monkeys, little people, and even the cast of Beachers’ Madhouse flown in from Los Angeles, as revealed by RadarOnline. According to an insider, Miley aimed to create the most over-the-top ‘Madhouse’ ever, going all out with the cast from Los Angeles, including monkeys and little people. The party was intended to be an outrageous spectacle, with surprises galore, as the source revealed that “Miley isn’t doing anything small-scale anymore, everything is a huge dramatic production.”

Miley shows off her fab abs in a short tight top and ripped low low-hanging jeans

Miley has been showcasing her well-defined tummy in a snug shirt paired with distressed, baggy jeans as she strikes a pose for the camera.

Signing time: The performer flashes a beautiful smile as she signs her CD for fans

As she signs her CD for fans, the performer emanates a stunning smile that lights up the atmosphere.

Miley chews a green piece of gum in her mouth for minty fresh breath

Here’s a new version: Miley Cyrus was seen chewing on a green gum, which she probably used to freshen up her breath. Earlier that day, the singer gave an eye-catching performance at Times Square, where she displayed her explicit and provocative moves that have become her trademark. She performed her latest hit single “Wrecking Ball” while wearing very short shorts and grinding for most of the dance routine. This is nothing new for Cyrus, as she’s known for her twerking skills. Although her lower half was barely covered, she made sure to keep her top half hidden under a large white shirt, leaving her fans with something to anticipate at her upcoming release party.

Shirty: Miley wore this strange outfit for her Fallon appearance, but impressed with her heart

Miley sported a peculiar attire during her guesting on Fallon’s show, but what struck me the most was her authentic sincerity.

Opening up: Miley enjoyed chatting with the most rock 'n' roll chatshow host

Starting their chat, Miley thoroughly enjoyed conversing with the renowned host of a rock ‘n’ roll talk show.

Miley shakes her backside for the audience who can't get enough of the star's antics

Miley Cyrus is not one to shy away from controversy, especially when it comes to her sexual performances. She recently announced that she plans to keep pushing boundaries until she’s at least 40 years old. During a chat with Matt from the Today Show, the singer disclosed that she’s heard people give up on sex by that age. Despite receiving backlash for her recent provocative acts like her steamy MTV performance and social media feud with Irish singer Sinead O’Connor, Cyrus remains firm and unapologetic. She even joked that if anyone deserves an apology, it’s those who make half-shirts.

It's all in days twerk for Miley who lets it all hang out

Get ready to shake and groove all day long because Miley Cyrus is all about twerking. She embodies a carefree spirit that embraces the fun-loving lifestyle.

The star hams it up for her fans and the crowd that gathered to get a picture and an autograph

Miley Mayhem wowed her fans and admirers with a spectacular show that left the audience spellbound. From posing for selfies to signing autographs, the singer gave her all to make the event a memorable one for everyone present.

The star indulges her legions of fans by revealing her toned abs

Enthusiastic fans are losing their minds as their beloved celebrity reveals her well-defined abdominal muscles, delighting her numerous followers.

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