Winter Bliss: Selena Gomez’s Reunion with Friends after Mental Health Treatment

In September, Selena Gomez was admitted to a mental health facility due to an emotional breakdown. She has been keeping a low profile since then. However, she has now left the hospital and is looking happy and healthy. Her friends, Connor Franklin and Bailee Madison, recently shared photos from their ski-tubing trip to Big Bear, California, which is located about 95 miles away from Los Angeles. According to insiders, Selena’s condition has improved significantly, and she is excited to resume her regular routine.

Selena Gomez, the renowned singer, has made her comeback after a brief hiatus. Recently, she was seen enjoying a snowy outing with her buddies Connor Franklin and Baillee Madison. This is the first time that pictures of the star have emerged since her hospitalization in October. Selena looked breathtaking in an all-black outfit while having a great time sledging down the hill with her friends. The 26-year-old looked relaxed and refreshed in a long black coat, black knitted beanie, black sweatshirt, and puffy black boots as she soaked up the sun and snow. In one photo, Selena can be seen standing on the right side of her group of three friends at the bottom of a ski-tube slope, beaming with pure happiness.

In a cheerful photo, Selena can be seen shouting with delight alongside three of her buddies, exuding happiness and vitality. Another charming snap shows Selena and Connar teasing each other in a playful manner. The group picture captures most of them with their hands up, while a few clutch onto a tube. Selena has openly shared about her struggle with depression and recently took the step to check into a mental health facility in October following two health scares. According to insiders, she is feeling much better now and excited to return to her regular routine. Selena had been hospitalized twice in early October due to a low count of white blood cells, which is a common side effect for transplant patients like her.

The photograph showed the happy expressions of the group after finishing a tube run. Selena Gomez faced a difficult time in 2017 when she had to undergo a kidney transplant due to Lupus, an illness that affects healthy tissues in the body. Her struggles with depression and anxiety were exacerbated by her health difficulties, which included chemotherapy in 2015 and hospitalization twice. Selena was open about her condition, and Lupus can cause several symptoms like joint pain, blood disorders, and damage to important organs such as the heart, lungs, and kidneys, which affected Selena’s kidneys severely.

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